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As long as you're a reader

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1 year ago

I was listening to someone complain endlessly about research. Probably she really disliked taking all those efforts researching and writing some papers about topics about this or that. Listening to her made me hear stories that she related.

She really would puke out whenever she was involved with research although in the end she would be able to always pull it off. I've been a witness to her glories but she seemed not to know her strengths. All she sees are her weaknesses. Even until now.

One of her classmates advised, as long as you are a reader, you will do well with research. She is a reader, alright? But for some reason, she felt butterflies in her stomach as she talked about research.

Personally, for me, research should be an exciting endeavor. At the very least, you should be tackling something of your interest. Funny how so many would curb the subject the moment it is talked about.

But I would understand because this excitement would oftentimes be coupled by worry or dread of the expenses to be incurred. Although if you become successful, you could monetize your research.

It still rings in my ears—'as long as you are a reader.' So be it, everybody then should embrace this research task. Student, teacher, scientist, many more... All of us should have a good regard for research.

The sites that I usually use for my research are ERIC and EBSCOhost. But EBSCOhost would be hard to use sometimes because it resets a lot so I use ERIC. I am still trying to look for other reliable sites.

I do not know but our school is trying to be open with its clients (students and teachers) but sometimes, the school's efforts are in vain. Hoping that we will be more cooperative in order to come up with something better for our own school.

Research is supposed to help education and any other area of the society. So why don't we support it the best way we can?

How about you, what is your perspective about research? What has been your experiences regarding the matter? Do you like it? Why? Why not?

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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