PoolTogether - The no-loss game powered by Ethereum

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2 years ago

Hey folks,

Just a little post to make you discover one of the funniest app developed on the Ethereum blockchain : PoolTogether

This is basically a smart-contract as DeFi protocols are, but it is developed to work like a game.

If you know Defi, you already know how it works.

You can deposit DAI on the PoolTogether protocol to obtain tickets.

DAI you deposit are put into Defi Protocol to earn interest.

At the moment, all DAI deposited are locked into Compound to earn interest.

All the interest earned are the prize of the week.

Each week, one user will earn all the interest earned during this week.

You don't loose your DAI, and your ticket is available for next week.

You can't loose, but you can earn a big amount.

There is about 751 users who put almost 421.675 DAI into the PoolTogether Protocol.

As you can see, the actual prize is about 1.432 USD.

You must have a wallet to connect it to PoolTogether and deposit DAI.

PoolTogether recently updated his Protocol to V3 Version and there are new feature :

  • Suggesting next pool once 10.000 USD in prize reached ;

  • Referral program to earn free tickets.

You can reach PoolTogether by using these link :

My though is that kind of Protocol is really interesting as it is, more than Decentralized Finance, a decentralized lotery where nobody lose, and everybody can earn.

There is no earning for the company behind PoolTogether which take a big part of the earning as classical lotery we all know in our respective country.

Let me know your thoughs on it and I hope you discovered this Protocol by reading my article.

Many thanks for the reading.

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2 years ago


This is a nice initiative

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2 years ago

This is good thanks for sharing

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2 years ago