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Coinbase Earn program added an advanced lesson to Earn more COMP

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4 months ago

Hey folks,


Just a little post to inform you that Coinbase, after added COMP governance token to their Coinbase Earn program, extent the lesson with advanced lesson.

As you can see, you have to join the waiting list to be able to follow the curse.

You can access to these lesson with the following link :

In this lesson you will learn to use Compound Protocol by supplying it. Welcome in the world of DeFi and smart-contract.

You have to create or use your Coinbase Wallet to interact with Compound and earn 10 USD in COMP.

Coinbase will send you 3USDC and enough ETH to cover the gas fees for supplying your USDC to Compound.

Follow the instructions provided by Coinbase and supply your 3USDC.

At the moment supply APY for USDC is 1.60% on Compound


Once the USDC supplied you will earn 10 USDC in COMP and know how to supply tokens on Compound.

Hope you enjoyed the reading.

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Written by   39
4 months ago
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