Coinbase add BAND and FIL to Coinbase Earn

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Hello folks,

Just a quick post to inform you that Coinbase added two new lessons to Coinbase Earn program : BAND and FIL.

You can earn 12 USD in BAND and FIL by watching video and answering question in 3 lessons for each coin.

Let me show you :

First lesson is What is Band Protocol?

Second and last one are What are BAND Protocol oracles ?

If you have not claimed your BAND you can use this link and earn up to 40usd if 4 persons achieve the lessons.

Concerning Filecoin recently added to Coinbase there are 3 lessons again.

First is the classical : What is FileCoin ?

Second one is Storing Data with FileCoin:

Third and last is Retrieving Data with FileCoin

Hope you will able to make the course and earn these 12usd.

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