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Lost in thoughts

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5 months ago (Last updated: 4 months ago)

When I die, I want to be properly buried but I don't want the fancy type, where money is spent for unnecessary things.... I'm only concerned about my soul because someday everyone is going to die and we also all want to live.

Sometimes all I do is stare at the sky from my window and that's what I'm basically doing while writing this article😂, and all I do is wonder how awesome God is and how he looks upon us down here and that's a work no one can do.

Most people don't want to pray until they have something to pray for and for them it's easy to blame God but harder to fix things things they are battling with..... I still struggle to believe that some people are out there that don't believe God is real and they keep asking if he his real, where is he..... Most of these people that says god is not real are basically those ones that believe he is real when they are dying in bed.

When they are healthy, they live their life like they don't care about God at all and they only call on him when they need him and they've forgotten that when everything is going fine is when we truly need to be closer to God.

I don't like it when I drift from my safe zone but lately I just feel I'm in that spot I just have to do it and probably I just have to let go things that I'm attached to because they are mostly what hold me down.

World won't stop because I'm in a bad mood or because I'm happy. Sometimes we don't really know what love means until we are in a circumstance that we have no option to hold up to something that you can't lose and at this moment you will understand what love means in the hard way.

I'm trying to get everything in my life together and each day I'm putting myself together and trying to be better as each day goes by, I just want to be in that environment that whenever I look at myself, I know I'm doing better and probably I might regret doing some things down the road but at some point you just have to sacrifice some things for other things to come in place.

Most of the time I feel like I'm holding my breathe and it feels like water is above my head and each day I hold my chest to be honest and I'm really tired of it and basically I'm looking for something to be inspired again even if it's love but my emotion is the biggest liar to me.

A Change is all I want and I'm prepared for it and anyone with any negative talk, I'm not willing to listen because I'm still battling with the ones I caused by myself.

Don't mind my jargons, thanks for reading ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Written by   245
5 months ago (Last updated: 4 months ago)
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...even if it's love but my emotion is the biggest liar to me.

Oga be calming down please oo😱

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5 months ago