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Jürgen klopp's problem

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5 months ago

No doubt that jürgen klopp the manager of Liverpool football club is good and in the past few years he has been the 2nd if not the best coach in English premier league and when it comes to the European ranking, he would still be among the top 5 recently.

I feel what happened to him back then in 2014/2015 season while he was in borussia Dortmund in Germany while he was their coach. I just feel he should wake up to reality and see and meanwhile we all might think it's not too Early to panick because the season just started but if it continues this way, he might eventually lose his job.

Imagine a world class team like Liverpool still playing milner and Henderson in 2022?... Some people might think it's mane, though mane would be really missed and it might take a while to recover from it because that guy is not just an attacker alone, he supports and provide everything a team needs from motivation up to anything thing that would ensure you to win.

A premier league side that wants to challenge for the title, a premier league side that just challenged for quadruple last season has milner starting in it... Let us shift to the guardiola side of Manchester city, a team that has won 4 out of the last 5 premier league and still yet every season, he still changes and add some fantastic talent to the squad even when they can still win the league with their past squad.

Let me talk about virgil van dijk, I would be lying if I deny the fact that this guy is really good when it comes to defending but this guy is just too confident and too comfortable and they all need to be Shaked, players should be brought in and not just any players but players that could make him fight for his position.

This is one of the reasons I love pep guardiola, his players are never too comfortable. Kevin de bruyne sat on the bench last season and he was there until he proved on the pitch that he is undropable for now, bernando Silva start on the bench coming to start of this season and this was their best player in the previous season, Rihad mahrez who is the best right winger in premier league still get benched.

His favoritism might just end his job at Liverpool. I'm not a Liverpool fan though, but I love to watch them play with the way they never give their opponents chances at all and their last three matches has been really upsetting and sincerely I hope they get back to their winning ways and hopefully I get to see them play in the best way possible.

Up Manchester united by the way, we really did great and hopefully we continue to be doing better and we might just be able to clinch the title this season and if not possible, next season is certain. GGMU ❤️❤️❤️


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Written by   245
5 months ago
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You said the real truth about Klopp, I feel the injury is part of what is killing them presently. The fact that he is using milner and herderson is not the key problem. He needs to motivate them again and also, talk senses to their head.

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5 months ago