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Why Career Planning Is Important

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Career life; It is an important slice of life or stage where we combine the education and knowledge we have received and the experiences we have gained, and which we identify with ourselves. Playing our role in this scene in the best way will be by loving what we do. To love a job or field of activity;

We can define it as being happy as we feel/think the most suitable for our own personality and style and we believe that we can do the job well, and that we can become more masterful with continuous improvement, and as we do it. This type of work will also automatically bring success.

For a career plan that will make ourselves and our environment happy;

The main activities that will raise awareness about knowing ourselves first; answering various tests, questions, constantly observing ourselves impartially (such as our strengths, values, areas open to improvement)

It is important to have sufficient knowledge and research about our fields of work (professional, experience, field of interest). how much we can push our circumstances.

Setting approximate goals for our future, 10 years, 5 years later (to create goals that will include career and private, social life) will prevent distraction in life, being negatively affected by fluctuations, and will motivate on the way and help to overcome obstacles.

Of course, life is not entirely under our control. We can think very differently from today's thoughts after 2 years by showing continuous change and development with life. However, we can also use our opportunities such as revising the targeted path at certain intervals, making changes in decision, using the right to choose. We are also responsible for the choices made by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each change and choice. When appropriate, responsibilities should be taken for risks.

Such is the thing in life...

 In order to walk happily and successfully in your career, first determine your mission and vision. In Chapter 2, we gave tips on getting to know yourself. Using these tips, decide what your mission could be as an individual in life and with what vision you will achieve your mission.

When defining your career, take care that it plays a role in your mission.

Our Mission - Your vision and career should go hand in hand.

1) What should be the ideal career for you. Imagine the ideal career in your mind in detail and write them all down.

2) Define the career you dream of about yourself. Do not limit yourself to what it will be like, this will not happen, and there are realities of life. Think as broad as possible. Everything starts with a dream.

3) Compare the ideal career definition you defined in Article 1 with your dream career, and record the similarities and differences. Pay attention to whether the similarities are areas that are supported by your strengths, and the differences are areas that are hindered by your areas that are open to improvement.

4) Recheck your ideal career in your dreams. For this, visualize your image, visualize it as if it happened. Pay attention to how you feel. If you feel happy and excited, start thinking about how it could be (Your mind and consciousness will definitely find ways. Give yourself a few weeks for this) .If your dream does not excite you or does not give you a feeling of happiness, it will be necessary to try alternatives.

5) If you have acquaintances who have actually lived the career-like life you envisioned, consider whether there is any advice you can take from them.

6) Do research on the job field of your dream career. Find out what kind of knowledge and experience it requires.

7) Write in detail where and how you will be on your career journey 5 and 10 years from now.

Your goal should be clearly defined. What is your status, in a company, where and what will you be doing? How will you dress, your relationships, your communication. Describe your private and family life, hobbies and social life.

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Written by   16
3 months ago
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