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The importance of colors in the Business world

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Colors have a more important place in our lives than we think. Whether we realize it or not, we are affected by the power of colors in our daily lives. The colors we prefer in our clothing and home decoration are the colors we love, enjoy seeing and reflect our personality. The first effect that causes us to turn to a product while shopping is due to the power of colors.

White-The effects of colors are also of great importance in the business world and are used to a great extent. The colors preferred in the business world should be chosen carefully in many places, from clothing to office design, workplace signboards and product packaging. The right colors should be used both to motivate the employees and to impress the customers.

The common meaning that the color white evokes for most of us is cleanliness. When white color is used, it creates an image of simplicity, cleanliness and honesty. White color is mostly preferred in high-tech products, white goods, kitchen appliances, cleaning products and health-related areas.

White color is very suitable for using in the backgrounds of websites. It allows the reflection of other colors and to be read more easily. The use of white in harmony with other colors depending on the sector allows businesses to reflect their originality. Excessive use creates a feeling of inefficiency, apathy and coldness.

Red ; It represents passion, energy, power, speed, sexuality, courage, warmth and violence. The color red, which also encourages people to buy because it attracts attention, is used on the purchase button of shopping sites and in shops to indicate the way to the cash register.

Most food brands that want to take advantage of the striking and appetizing feature of the color red use this color in their logos and venues. The color red is also associated with fatigue, anxiety and internal distress. Staying in places where this color is intense for a long time can create negative effects on people. Fast-food places that want to use this effect prefer this color a lot in order to ensure that customers do not sit for a long time after eating their meals.

The exciting and adrenaline-increasing effect of the color red is also used in the automotive industry. These effects can also be mentioned as the reason why the color red is mostly used in sports cars.

Orange-The color orange symbolizes quality, evoking optimism, adventure, fun and travel. The color orange, which is preferred in many sectors due to the effects it has on people, is not liked by the western world. For this reason, it is not recommended to be used especially in the export field.

Orange color, which has an important place in the food sector, is preferred to increase sales. The color orange, which increases appetite and strengthens communication, causes customers to spend longer time in the place and therefore spend more. For this reason, many cafes and restaurants benefit from the effect of orange color.

The use of the color orange, which evokes travel, adventure and excitement, is also extremely important for tourism agencies. Different shades of orange are also favorite colors in beauty salons, treatment centers and spas. However, it should be noted that the excessive use of orange is a symbol of cheapness.

Yellow-Yellow, which is a fun, lively, warm color, is a striking color. Even if there are distractions in the environment, it is possible for people to perceive the color yellow first. For this reason, it is a suitable color to be preferred for sales points.

The food industry is also one of the areas of use of the color yellow. It is preferred that the yellow color, which prevents people from staying in one area for too long, is used in fast-food places together with the red color. This causes people to eat their meals as soon as possible and leave the place.

Since it is a fun color, the use of yellow in holiday products is also common. There are also areas where the yellow color should not be used. The yellow color, which leaves the perception of mobility and transience on people, prevents people from spending a long time in areas where it is used.

Green-Green, the color of nature; It symbolizes feelings such as novelty, freshness, health, trust. It is seen that green color is used a lot in the promotion of nature-friendly and organic products. The use of green color is also common in healthcare areas. In order to ensure that patients and their relatives are comfortable and calm, green color can be preferred in the interior decoration of hospitals. In addition, we see that green color is preferred in the uniform colors of doctors, since the color of blood does not differ from normal stains.

The green color has an important place in the financial field as well. We see that it is frequently used in the logos of banks because it represents the color of money in the western world and creates a sense of trust on people.

Blue color also causes many effects on people. Therefore, it is seen that it is an important color in terms of the business world. The color blue, which is a symbol of trust, loyalty, honesty, responsibility, peace, tranquility, idealism and authority, has the feature of being a universal color. Like the color green, the color blue also has an important place in the financial field. It has an indispensable importance by banks and insurance companies due to the sense of trust and loyalty it gives to people.

Light tones of blue are preferred in the field of health, and darker tones are preferred more in political and religious fields. Politicians use this color in order to rest more calmly by the people they address.

Different shades of blue are used by the police in order to appear authoritarian and to calm the people in front of them. It is seen that the color blue is widely used to calm children in kindergartens, kindergartens and schools.

Purple color enriches the imagination and is effective in the emergence of creative ideas. It is used in various fields with different tones. Associated with success and intellectuality, purple is a color commonly used by academic institutions.

It is widely used by designers, physicists and cosmetics manufacturers. The purple color, which appeals more to the young segment, is a color that can be used in situations where women are targeted in the field of marketing.

Black-As most of us know, black is a color that is seen as a symbol of nobility. For this reason, it is more appealing to the elite segment. The color black, which creates a perception of power, authority, nobility, seriousness and mystery, is one of the most preferred colors by brands and car companies producing luxury products. Rather than using black color alone, which can create a frightening effect, combining it with bright colors will give more positive results.

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Written by   16
3 months ago
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Wow so much for colors. I know quite a bit about each colour so thanks for the knowledge shared. I personally love black and red.

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3 months ago

nicee, my favorite is black :) and thank you for your comment.

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3 months ago