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The importance of body language

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3 months ago

Although it is wrong, people judge books by their covers.

 There is a common language accepted by all humanity, body language. People have tried to communicate with body language for centuries before they started to communicate with each other by speaking.

They tried to express their feelings and thoughts to the other party with certain gestures and facial expressions and shared their needs with other people.

This communication tool, which is the determining factor in effective communication between individuals and takes people under its wing when used correctly, in a way forms the basis of our human relations.

Leaving a good image with your body language in negotiations, recruitment processes, meetings and sales negotiations is to use this language in the most effective way.

 People communicate in 3 different ways; verbal, written and nonverbal, that is, with body language. On the surface, verbal communication may seem to come to the fore more, but the results of the research are surprising.

Namely, in communication, words and phrases are 7%, 10%, voice and speech are 30%, 35%, and body language is 55, 60%.

There are some people who listen with pleasure no matter what they say and you don't realize how time flies next to them. Because these people make their discourse interesting by adding gestures and facial expressions to their expressions with body language.

According to research, every move made by people who do not know each other from the moment they first communicate is processed in their subconscious and the brain automatically positions the other side within 30 seconds.

Even if you are the smartest person in the world, if you use the concept of body language incorrectly, you cannot take an active role in your social environment and you will be seen by people in the lower lanes.

 Start by correcting your posture. Your back should always be straight and this straightness should not be too obvious and should be at a level where you feel comfortable. Otherwise, you will give the opposite side an air of resentment.

Adjust the direction of your body according to the person in front of you, this will arouse a feeling of sincerity towards you. Keep your legs and hands slightly open, do not give the impression of a closed person.

When talking to the person in front of you, lean forward slightly, this will make him feel that you value him subconsciously. Use imitative body language without exaggeration. Because people feel close to people who are similar to them.

The use of body language in job interviews is very important. Don't mess with your hair or anything all the time. This creates a negative image and makes you feel tense.

Using your hands is the most important phenomenon in interacting with body language. Be careful to use it when the conversation passes to you and not to play it in a way that will distract the other party.

The first handshake should not be lifeless as dead and hard as iron. Have a confident but gentle handshake technique.


Do not miss smiling and eye contact, but keeping eye contact excessively and not looking away in between should not be in a situation to disturb the other party.


Another important factor in the use of body language is to catch the same tone and frequency with the person you are communicating with. When you provide this, he will not feel uncomfortable and will feel more intimacy.


If you are in a job interview, take small notes. This will make the person you communicate with feel that you value their words.


If you want to convey your messages powerfully and gain an advantage in all kinds of interviews, interviews and communication processes, you need to use this concept called body language very effectively.

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Written by   16
3 months ago
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