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Some words that we do not know and examine the meaning of, advance by opening new doors in different fields from their formation to the present. The word perspective is one of them. The definition you will find for Perspective when you search is; It is in the form of “view, point of view. Although its definition is so clear and short, its effects on life have been more complicated and long.

When perspective was discovered during the Renaissance; fields such as art and philosophy opened new doors and found new meanings. And what was known was reshaped. The perspective actually shed light on the beginning of a new era. Not only art, science, architecture, but also people's mentality was transformed and deepened with this new visual technique.

So, what exactly does the word perspective, which is frequently mentioned today, mean and what does it do? Perspective; In the art of painting, it is defined as a projection technique used while drawing. This technique; It reduces the existing three-dimensional state of objects to a two-dimensional one, allowing them to be depicted on a flat surface with a realistic appearance.

A successful perspective application means more realistic pictures. In addition, perspective is a word that you can come across in different fields. However, no matter which field you encounter, the common definition of perspective in theory is perspective, although the purpose of use varies. For example, while it represents the point of view on the drawn object in drawing processes, it is in a position to represent the point of view on events in philosophy.

Perspective is also defined as the illusion of depth in some sources. From this explanation, we can say that perspective gives pictures a more realistic look and adds a third dimension to two-dimensional objects in the picture. The method of depicting the objects or spaces we see on a plane with various drawing techniques in accordance with reality can also be accepted as a definition for perspective.

The perspective effect is a technique that dates back to the past and is still considered an important element of the art of drawing. The information that people who want to draw what they see more realistically used a tool called a perspectograph to facilitate perspective drawing in the Middle Ages is among the information that illuminates the past of perspective.

The main rule in this technique; Objects that are close appear larger and more detailed than those farther away. As the objects move away, their appearance differs from their real appearance in terms of dimensions and colors, they become smaller and fade. This is a situation that has always existed but was discovered by humans much later. Perspective; It is accepted as a drawing art that allows to easily draw the size and color changes as close to reality, depending on the distance and closeness of the objects to the eye, up and down from eye level.

Perspective for drawing is considered roughly as two main topics in many sources. These are line perspective and color perspective. Line perspective is expressed as parallel lines getting smaller and joining at infinity. Color perspective, on the other hand, is about the changes in colors as the light changes and the position of objects moves away from us. Looking at academic articles, the perspective is actually; You will see that it is divided into parallel perspective and conical (central) perspective.

Parallel perspective; continues to be divided into sub-headings as axonometric and oblique perspective. Conical perspective, on the other hand, is divided into sub-headings as conical perspective with one vanishing point, two vanishing points and three vanishing points.

The most important thing to know here is the term "escape point", which you will encounter often. In the logic of the escape point; It is assumed that the extensions of all horizontal lines bounding a drawn object reach the selected points on the horizon line. The lines parallel to each other are considered to intersect at the same point on the horizon line. This intersection point is called the escape point.

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Written by   16
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