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Do you want to believe in yourself?

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3 months ago

People don't work like electronic gadgets. It is not right to plug in the power cord or charge and wait for them to work. When you go to bed at night, you want to wake up fresh the next day and continue your work from where you left off. This is about personal power in continuity.


There is a personal power in all of us. It is a power that cannot be seen but can be felt by everyone around it. Personal power is our supporter in being successful and happy. It also helps us to be confident.

You may have difficulty identifying your own personal strength. But you may have noticed the qualities inherent in other people, such as being organized, talented, successful, reliable, and happy.


People with personal power need not raise their voices about what they want. They are effective at being comfortable in their own bodies, firmly committed to what they believe, communicating their ideas with respect to others, and honoring people.


This helps them move towards their goals more easily. At the same time, personal power makes them a great leader, great colleague, stable friend and loved one. Therefore, as Mandie Holgate said, personal power is of great importance.


Activate others without acknowledgment or acknowledgment.

Happiness in learning, failing, and having mistakes.

Rejoice at hearing other opinions and not see them as a threat to their own beliefs.

Ability to lead others without being in the forefront.

Not power-oriented, but able to communicate powerfully and effectively.

Don't be a great listener.

Ability to do more than most people.

Reaching your goals.

The ability to do what they promise, even if it is detrimental to them.

These are the characteristics of people with personal power. Personal power is not the power found in people of fame. Personal power is a silent power within a person that acts without hindering the free flow of other people's power. Detecting it is much more difficult than one might think.


There is a distinct difference in ambition between men and women. Women often have a negative view of ambition. They want to be successful but have a hard time accepting it. This is why they often see their careers as dependent on others.


You should never regret being ambitious. Where you work, you should inform your superiors about your career goals. Try to find mentors or resources that can help with their goals. If you hesitate to express your ambition, you will be humiliating yourself.

Don't forget to ask for help when you need it. You feel powerless when you think you don't have all the answers. But that is what is true. It is not always possible for you to have all the answers available. So you should ask for help when needed.


People who use their personal power know when to ask others for help. When you identify the resources you need to be successful, you increase your chances of success. Knowing what you need and asking for help is a personal power move.

Unfortunately, we are part of a culture that rewards busyness to the fullest. That's why it's a little difficult to step back from time to time and just listen to yourself. However, you should not forget that creativity will come to the fore during this time.


By taking some time for yourself every day, you can find solutions to long-standing problems. You may be able to look at your career goals in a more strategic way. You move forward without being distracted. You may be closer to the passion and purpose that accompanies personal strength.

People look to transparency and authenticity as an opportunity to connect. But you can't be a real person unless you know who you are first. As long as you are honest with yourself, you can bring out the personal power within you.


People often try to connect with like-minded individuals. Their goal is to learn from them. So the best way to impress them is to be original. As long as you achieve this, you will have used your personal power in the best way.


It should not be forgotten that each of us is born with various gifts. What matters is how well we use these gifts in life. When we do this, we have a chance to achieve success by touching the lives of others.


That's why you should write down the pros (strengths) and cons (weaknesses). You have to identify the things you love most about yourself. When you love yourself, you have a much better chance of loving others. You can achieve this when you reveal your strengths.

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Written by   16
3 months ago
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keep it up and don't give up!

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3 months ago

It's really necessary to be able to know our point of limitations and seek for support from like minded friends. In this way our dreams may be achieved faster. Thanks

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3 months ago