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Do you want to beat the monday blues?

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2 months ago
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Many people have met with Monday Syndrome at least once in their life. The syndrome, which can be defined as the difficulties experienced in returning to work after the weekend break and starting the new week; It manifests itself with symptoms such as stress, fatigue and anxiety.

Although it is possible to overcome these with minor changes in lifestyle, the problem can be much more challenging and repetitive for some of us. But you can turn this unpleasant situation into an opportunity. With some revisions, you can make your business life more efficient and even make radical changes in your career.

Your energy, which started to rise close to the end of work on Friday, is almost at the ceiling! You have a whole weekend of freedom ahead of you. What a beautiful life, long live it!

But this big ball of energy starts to creep on the ground after it goes out on Sunday afternoon. You have to prepare for the next day. But you feel so tired that you can't even get up from the sofa. It's like you're not the person who had fun with his friends yesterday. A palpitation when you think of your workplace, a pain in your temples. As it gets dark, it's almost as if you are getting dark inside;

Welcome Monday syndrome!

Many methods are suggested to deal with this situation.

Providing sleep and meal arrangements

Doing relaxing physical activities such as sports/Yoga

Planning the day effectively is a few of them.

However, although these solutions may relieve you temporarily, they may not be enough to completely eliminate the problem. Therefore, when the Monday Syndrome comes knocking on your door, you should ask yourself the following question:

Why did this come out of nowhere?

This question is the first step to turn your adversity into an opportunity. Because the answers you will find will give you a chance to go to the source of the problem and fix it. Thus, Monday Syndrome can come out of your life completely.

In addition, as you question the underlying causes, you can find clues about your work life that you may not have noticed before.

Maybe it has become a habit for you to postpone Friday's work until next week. Here's another invitation to Monday Syndrome! Yes, Fridays are king, but starting the new week with a cleared agenda will make you feel great. Be you, do not forget to complete all your work with the high energy of Friday. Thus, you will start the new week happy and productive.

Or is Confucius Right?

“If you do what you love, you never work a day.” said the famous thinker.


Indeed, studies have shown that people who do their favorite job are more happy, have lower levels of anxiety, and enjoy life more. Of course, Monday Syndrome cannot even come close to them.

Today, we can come across a large number of people who, after taking a long journey in their careers, have changed their course and sailed to a different field.

Ask yourself

Do you really love what you do?

How satisfied is your job spiritually?

How well does it fit with your profession, talents, and interests?

Can you focus on that moment while doing your work and forget everything else in your life?

The answers you will give to these and similar questions may be an opportunity to direct your energy buried on the couch on Sunday evenings to a new area in your career.

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Written by   16
2 months ago
Topics: Reenave, Hopes, Ideas, Energy, Lifestyle, ...
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