Urban life VS Rural life!

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Some people live in cities and some people live in villages.

The natural resources available in the villages are not available in the cities and the facilities available in the cities are not available in villages. In many ways urban life is better and in many respects rural life is preferred.


  • A verity of facilities are available on the cities . The necessities of life are readily available. In addition to schools 🏫🎒 and colleges, there are other religious and technical institutes and scientific laboratories. Cities have all the comforts of modern times, such as water 💦 💧 and electricity 🔌 . There are opportunities to learn civility. Cities have libraries, study centre and timely medical assistance. Hospitals are open day and night. Private doctors are also available. Medical assistance is also available in case of accidents. Loaders 🚛 and trucks 🚒 are easily found for freight. As if every luxury of life is easily available. But villages do not have libraries and study centres. In the early days there were no schools in the villages but now there is at least one school in the village. But there are no hospitals, roads,etc. in the village yet .

Food and drink

In the cities food items are available on time. Hotels and restaurants are open all the time. There are milk and sweet shops. Bakery equipment, fish and meet is available. Machinery and all kinds of utensils are found in the cities. Silk and cotton, fabrics, blankets, shoes and other necessities of life are available only in the cities. The people of villages have to go to the city to buy all these things because all these things are not available in the villages.

Information awareness

People living in cities are always aware of the International , National and local conditions. T.V, news papers, magazines are rallies keep the citizens informed. Telephone facilities for receiving information and messaging are available in all cities. These facilities are not available in the village, Due to which the people of the village are unwear of half the things.

Recreational places

There are gardens, Cinemas and Circus 🎪 for entertainment in the cities which entertain the cities . While the people of villages are deprived of all these things. There are paved roads for transportation which makes it easy for citizen to get from one place to and other. In addition, there are factories in the cities in which the common man gets a wage and also gets rid of the worries of earning living quickly. There are so many types it's hard to say. The common man also gets government and non _government jobs. Workers in the cities can earn their living by doing various kinds of hard work. These things are not in village it is very difficult to earn a living there.

Despite the fact that there are many medical aid centres in the cities, Doctors are also available. Medicines are plentiful but there is no fresh air. There is no good and pure food to maintain good health. The milk sellers here mix water in the milk and the cream is already out of the mixed milk. Neither oil is good and not pure milk, In this situation, food can fill the stomach but it cannot maintain the health. The air is not pure which enters the lungs and destroys the lungs. Wherever you go in the streets of cities, there are piles of dirt. Felt depot are set up here and there. There are also a threat to nearby population. In addition to the wasteful, inconvenience, the mixture of everything has disturbed the citizens.

Farmer status

The people of the village are simple, Sincere, servants and hard workers. Ghee, butter and pure milk can be found in the village. Living in the open air is also good for your health. Livelihood in the countryside it is like earning a living by working hard there. This includes women and children. That is why their health is better than that of the citizens. The farmers is our backbone. If there are no farmers then there will be no factories and no trade in the cities, all because of them. In the village, people read the literature of the elders, they have more religious tendency and are less prone to deception. While the people in cities are more adept at fraud 🤥. Rural women are also hard working and service oriented. The natural scenery there calm the heart and mind. That is why the health of the villagers is better.


Just as there are some virtues and vices in urban life. There are also some virtues and vices in rural life. There is no such thing as a 100% standard place. Now it is up to us to decide whether we like urban life or rural life with these strenghts and weaknesses.

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if to choose it would be better to live in the village, but the fact is that many people go to the city just to meet the needs of their family life. nice writing sis. thanks for the information.

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You really have done great effort I am pleased to see your writing procedure

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