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Let's start by defining what [zk-EVM](https://blog.chain.link/zkevm/) is all about. zk-EVM is an acronym of Zero Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine . It is a cryptographic technology that allows smart contract computation to be verified without revealing the actual data that was used to perform the computation.

The zk-EVM is intended to increase the secrecy and confidentiality of smart contract computation while simultaneously enhancing the Ethereum network's scalability and effectiveness.

The foundation of the zk-EVM is [zk-SNARKs](https://consensys.net/blog/developers/introduction-to-zk-snarks/), a sort of zero knowledge proof that enables a prover to demonstrate knowledge of a secret without disclosing any information about it.

By minimizing the quantity of data that needs to be processed and stored on the blockchain, zk-EVM usage can increase the scalability of the Ethereum network. The quantity of data that has to be stored on the blockchain is decreased by using zero knowledge proofs, which only require a modest proof size to confirm a smart contract computation's accuracy.

In addition, [zk-EVM](https://blog.chain.link/zkevm/) can boost the effectiveness of smart contract computations by enabling them to be carried out off-chain. These computations can then be verified using zk-SNARKs (zero knowledge succinct non-interactive Argument of knowledge), which lowers the computational burden on the Ethereum network and speeds up transaction processing.

What is Polygon zk-EVM?

[Polygon zk-EVM](https://polygon.technology/polygon-zkevm) is a technology that makes Ethereum run faster and cheaper.  It is a tool that improves Ethereum by working with it. A few days ago, the Polygon zk-EVM mainnet beta was made available, and Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, was one of the first users to test the system.

People can use the same dapps and utilities they use on Ethereum with Polygon zk-EVM, but with greater performance and at a lesser cost. Developers are able to upload their current codes to the Polygon zk-EVM. Also, customers can load their Ethereum digital assets onto the Polygon zk-EVM and conduct transactions there with greater efficiency and at a reduced cost.

These transactions are grouped together and then verified as correct using a unique technique known as a zero-knowledge proof. This prevents the theft of property belonging to others. With Polygon zk-EVM, Ethereum can operate quicker and more cheaply while retaining its security.

Anyone can utilize Ethereum with Polygon zk-EVM without having to pay excessive fees or wait a long time for transactions to be processed. This makes Ethereum more accessible and efficient for everyone.

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