Four years with BCH, Some experiences and lessons learned

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8 months ago

Today makes it exactly four years since I earned my first BCH via the writing platform. If there is anything I do better it will be remembering the date of important events even if I have never written them down on paper. I have a vivid memory of the things around my life. Without looking at any record, I can tell anyone the dates of important events in my life. I usually say happy birthday on my phone every September 15, something that most people don't even put in Mind. Anything that has happened to me has its date in my heart. People keep important dates in their diaries for remembrance but I keep mine in the dairy of my heart. So today is my BCH bornday.

It was on this day four years ago in the heat of coronavirus lockdown that I stumbled upon where I first heard about BCH. Since then a lot has happened to me, not in terms of the numbers of BCH I have accumulated till now. But the experiences, lessons learned, exposure, and people who affected my life in the BCH community.

I have to admit that before I discovered BCH I was completely a novice to cryptocurrency. I knew nothing about digital currency. Along the way, fine lessons were learned, emotional flows and important experiences were gathered.

Lessons BCH taught me

1. BCH sent me back to school

Knowing BCH was like opening a new world for me, and I know that the only way I could get the best out of this new world was to learn more about it. I focused not only on knowing about BCH but also on the concept of cryptocurrency. What technology drives them, How were they funded? Who invented it, and how was it made? These were just a few of the questions that I asked myself at the time I just came into the crypto world.

I’m the kind of person who will always check things out so he knows more about them before getting involved. Reading articles on was not the foundation of my knowledge about BCH. However, that wasn't enough to get detailed information about BCH and cryptocurrency in general.

Using Google searches, I did my research to know more about BCH. I visited BCH's main website. I read the concept and ideas behind BCH. I read the BCH road map with great interest. My first obvious discovery was the name "Satoshi Nakamoto", which was very strange to know that his identity was never known to anyone. Having the initial knowledge about BCH opened up a world of opportunities and hope for financial freedom for me from then on.

Moreover, I just didn’t want to remain the usual Joe in the crypto world. I need to know more about blockchain technology, crypto terminologies, why one cryptocurrency is different from another, and how it works. I wanted to get some basic general information about cryptocurrency. The only way I could do that was to sign up for online crypto lessons which allow me to learn about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in general. The knowledge I gained at that crucial stage had a much impact on my crypto journey. In short, BCH opens the door to great knowledge for me.

2. BCH connected me to the world

I'm not a fan of social media, even up to this day I hardly check on Facebook or other mainstream social media platforms. My social network comprises my immediate environment and the people around me.

The BCH community was my first place to meet people from different countries and social backgrounds who shared the same interest and purpose. The unity and love I experienced in this community remind me of the Bible verse "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity". So much so that you can’t find yourself comfortable except you joined in the movement.

Ever since I was in this community I have been able to meet people from different parts of the world and made good connections that have grown to friendships. These are not just online chat rooms friends, but people you can ask when you need help, and they won't let you down.

3. BCH taught me that love has no limits

Joining the BCH community was like joining a family where love is the only language spoken. I never knew there could be a place where people were willing to share what they have with others without having prior knowledge of this person. The generosity of members of the BCH community is very much alive. I haven't found much in any other place, no, not even in the religious circle. We often want to support the people we know and are convinced of. People we can see how they live before we decide to support them with our resources. But in the BCH community, where you live, and where you come from, don't matter, what matters is the purpose for which you need help. There are no limits to what love can do. The BCH community is such a society where love knows no boundaries.

Anyone who enters this community picks up where they meet others. There is no stranger here, everyone is bound by that spirit of love in the least way they can. You can get help anywhere in the world. A common example of this is the BCH farm project by @Maxdevalue.BCH in his district funded by the BCH community. Other similar projects are taking place in many parts of the world directly funded by people in the BCH community.

4. BCH taught me how to save

You may think this is a joke, but let me tell you the truth, I never knew how to save money. I have played a major role in the marketing business, and I have been deeply involved in the retail business, and I have been very successful in it. However, I was only living for each day and never had a time I put something by as savings. I only hold a bank account as a medium of sending and receiving money. But BCH changes all that for me. I learned how to save by holding BCH, and I have saved up from 4 years back to today.

Saving money is one financial goal I never learned before I discovered BCH. The reason for that may be mainly because I focus on each day more than anything else. Too bad, all I knew about saving was keeping the leftover of your salary after expenses. With BCH I am forced to choose between saving first or not saving at all. And you know, the most compelling side is to save first, and in fact, save everything for the future!

5. BCH taught me patience

I learned the beauty of patience from my experience with BCH. It can be emotional from time to time, it can be during a bearish market or a bullish run, not selling your BCH. I remember some time ago when the price of BCH dropped from $120 to $91, I was emotional and getting eager to sell the BCH I have. But words and advice from other BCH experienced users prevented me from taking such an action. I have seen the importance of patience today as BCH has recovered since then. Even now, I am not worried about the current BCH price because I am confident that BCH will continue to move forward. BCH has taught me patience which I can use in other areas of my life.

In conclusion, my four years in the BCH community have been a period of discovery, learning, and growth. It has helped me to build strong connections for profitable endeavors. Nowhere else I could have done this excerpt from the BCH community.

Happy fourth BCH anniversary to me!

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8 months ago


Wow ,,happy 4th year in bch sir.I am only a half it hihi. Anyway bch gives us a hope and it really helps us in different ways.I am so thankful that I am one of those who are blessed to met bch😊

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8 months ago

BCH gives me hope to earn as well. I never thought I would gonna have and use BCH mostly.

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8 months ago

Happy 4 yrs with BCH! BCH and BCH community have taught me a lot. I am not what I am today without being deeply involved in the BCH community, especially in reading. cash! I still find it nostalgic when I read people's stories about how BCH helps them a lot as I can relate to it.

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8 months ago

BCH love is common and best for all. We should thank to this community as well.

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8 months ago

Everything you said here are absolutely true! Same lessons, same feelings. This community is the best.

I learned love, patience, hardworking, perseverance, oneness, unity etc

I hope the bond continues.

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8 months ago