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A Year of Fight

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2 months ago
Topics: Life, COVID-19, Health

March 15, 2020, is a day that people become a prisoner on there home this is the time that lockdown started, the Manila was placed in a state of "community quarantine," which involves a ban on land, domestic air, and domestic sea travels in and out of the region. The community becomes a dead city wherein only a few people are allowed to go outside of their house. The government takes charge of the responsibilities to fight this kind of virus.

Photo Credit: Martin Sanchez (Unsplash)

When the time goes by the number of positive cases is increasing it multiply every month the people are still shocked by what is happening. There a lot of news from the media that talks about this pandemic the population of positive and recovery patients all over the world, this crisis become a phenomenon in social media wherein fake news was spread widely. Many of the establishments, schools, businesses, companies, stores, universities, and agencies are lockdown because of the pandemic.

A lot of small and big businesses are shut down because of low sales and the income was dropping down, it's hard to listen to the testimony of the businessmen or entrepreneurs who are suffered and lost their income. Alongside it, the amount and prize of every good are inflated that brings people to a difficult moment in their life. In terms of work, the count of unemployed citizens grows fast which makes the economy drop off and that's the one impact of the pandemic in the lives of every people.

Photo Credit: Edwin Hooper (Unsplash)

Aside from the number of positive cases, one of the problem/issues has also numerous in the many Youth was depression and anxiety. Countless of the youth are suffering and going through this kind of psychological disorder that they feel they are alone, they think that those people surround them they don't care. These youths become hopeless and lonely that can lead them to become suicidal people. Apart from being alone and hopeless, these youth are carrying the burden especially in the "New Normal" set-up of education. It shows that answering modules or attending the online class is very tiring mostly to those parents who are having a lack of knowledge in reading and writing or the education itself to guide their children.

Fighting this enemy that we can't see is tough to win but still, we are standing and continuing our life we are driven to conquer this pandemic. We learned and reflect on what are the reasons for this pandemic, we have a lot of time to be with our family, enjoying the moment of being one, and pray for each other. We have become resourceful and concern about what people need for them to hold on, we gave our self to understand the people so they feel that they are valuable. And our front liners are not giving up to ensure our safety even they are exhausted in every day of their life in a room or facility.

Photo Credit: Yasmina (Unsplash)

On this day March 17, 2021, I and we still hoping to defeat this enemy, we are holding for the light to come out and let us heal. At this moment the response of the government is still the underneath and the same as what happened last year some of the protocols were implemented again. And the virus is still evolving in different forms, the Department of Health is hoping that the vaccine will help the people protected. But we trust the one that can save us, the one who can give us hope, the one that makes our life easy and light. He is the way and He knows what we need and we must know Him and obey and follow the path that can lead us to be victorious. I know that in this time of pandemic we are afraid of what will happen on the next day but I want to remind you that you're not alone in this battle He always is in our life He always ready for you to come in.


Hi! I’m Ferl I love writing and arts my goal is to share my passion for writing and Bless people. Thank You.

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Written by   4
2 months ago
Topics: Life, COVID-19, Health
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