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The first lap of A New Year

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7 months ago

For every new year there's always a new beginning, new hope, new strategies and new exploits in our talents.

The year is just starting though, so there's not really much to say about it, but one thing I have in the back of my mind is "I grind harder this year no matter the odds and no matter the struggle till I accomplish my goals"

That was my motto last year and the year before that. Last year was more of a year of exploration; like it was just to explore what I was capable of, my limits, my talents, my dreams and my focus on them.

This year I think I'll go for win this time, since I now have the skills and talents that I've acquired in the last year. Well it'll be a "slow and steady process" , the year's just starting so I don't want to rush anything yet. I'd rather use this first lap of the year to "observe and hold on to my corner".

When I say hold on to my corner I mean holding on to people that help and support me. This year the plan is to go all out and take every opportunity and embrace every moment.

I remember last year, I was supposed to be a millionaire (Crypto Wise), but I couldn't see the potential in little things last year, I shunned so many money making opportunities. I've promised myself not to make the same mistake this year no matter how big or Minuit it might be.

This year I'll try as much as I can to "seize the day". So far so good my crypto journey since last year as been very profitable, at least I was able to get 5x of what I invested, to me that's a win. This new year I'll aim higher. Well I don't really yet know if I'll be able to make 10x the profit this year though, most of my investments have been on altcoins and shitcoins. The one I know I invested in the most is Little Rabbit(really promising project) and another one I went into is WolfSafePoorPeople(WSPP) and I've made alot of interest from it. WSPP was on a bullish run last year and I hope it will be able to recreate it again this year, hope the devs know what and what not to do.

I'm also thinking of adding new skills to the ones I already have. Other than beat production, football, crypto trading and analysis, cooking and poetry, I'm thinking of exploring 3D designs and animations. I've always loved the thought of making something that looks very realistic. Maybe I'll learn it In the mid part of the year.

Well there's not much to say of what this year is going to be, I hope it'll be in my favour.

So Tell Me, How's The New Year Going For You?

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Written by   8
7 months ago
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This year has been going smoothly and productive for me being able to define and set goals for what I wanna achieve and learning from last year's mistake not to procrastinate things.

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7 months ago

😊 I hope you achieve more and more this year

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6 months ago