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How Has Your Week Been?

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6 months ago

Thank God it's Friday, I'm just happy I'll finally get to rest after a very stressful week.

We can all agree that out of all the days in the week, Friday is always the most stressful because we all want to get everything done and settled before the short period of break which is Saturday and Sunday.

For me this week was more of "Work, work and even more work". I've been reading for School test's and also preparing for an exam that will come immediately after the test so I've not even have anytime to rest cause there's alot to cover, they did say the university isn't a playground.

I've also been trying to create time for my side job, just to get some little income to at least pay for some minor things and I'll tell you that it's very stressful to be working 5hours a day on a PC reviewing letters and forms.

Surprises also came for me this week too so there's actually a good side in it at least. One of them was that a close friend of mine got an admission into the university and that made me very happy, another was that I met a old friend of mine while I was going to school, it's been a while since we last saw each other and I was very surprised to see her after a very long time.

The week is ending and I can at least get some premium shut-eye, I'll sleep like a new born baby.

I hope your week wasn't as exhausting as mine though and also, remember to always stay positive.

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Written by   8
6 months ago
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