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Call Of Duty Mobile: Season 1 Update

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6 months ago

Call of Duty:Mobile, season 1 "Heist" theme, launched on Wednesday January 19. It marked 5weeks since the release of season 11:final snow last year, making it slightly longer than the standard Call of Duty:Mobile update circle.

New Weapon Addition

Two new weapons have been added in season 1 update. After early features in the Chinese test servers, patch notes have confirmed what to expect.

  • First stop is the "ppsh-41" SMG that was made known from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Cold War. This has been a common SMG throughout the Call of Duty franchise having appeared in five different titles.

  • The "kilo 141" assault rifle from Modern Warfare 2019 has also been added to season one's update. This assault rifle is a fast rapid fire gun with an optional burst fire mode.

There is no telling how these guns addition may bring impact to the game. But if they are PC and console power is anything to go by they should shake up the mobile meta in little to no time.

New Maps Addition

Two new maps have been added to the season 1 update. One is a unique redesign of an already known map, while the other is a new remake of the classic Black Ops 4.

  • Hacienda has made its mobile debut in season 1. This popular design featured in Black Ops 4 and was a prominent pick during that year's competitive cycle.

Hacienda map
  • On top of the new map another Redesign was also locked in for the new update. Season 1 Marked the arrival of the Nuketown temple, a new variant to celebrate the lunar New Year.

Nuketown luner moon

Addition Of New Game Modes

Three game modes have been set to arrive in Call of Duty mobile throughout season 1.

Up first is "Heist", a black ops 4 mod returning with a slight change. In this mode players must track down more gold coins than their opponents to win, gold can also be used to purchase more powerful weapons and armour.

"Payout:search and destroy" is also set to feature in Call of Duty mobile season 1 in ranked mode for a limited amount of time, gold can also be used to purchase more powerful weapons and armour.

"Red envelope:kill confirmed" rounds out the new game modes added, as a 10 vs 10 mode that was teased as "Full of Surprises"

Season 1 Battle Pass

Call of Duty mobile season 1 battle pass comes with its own limited time battle pass. It comes with dozens of tiers to grind through, players have access to all forms of new content through this month's battle pass collection.

This pass comes with epic character skins for: Makarov, Yuri, Ajax, and ISKA alongside a number of fitting weapon blueprints to boot. Season 1 battle pass also provides everything from avatar's to emote to scorestreaks and charms.

Season 1 battle pass with Yuri at the front head

Addition Of Content Creator Bundles

Three content creators have their own skins now in season 1. Iferg, Bobbyplays and Hawksnest have also received their own cosmetic bundles in the handheld title. All three arrived with their own unique weapon skin, player icons and other Epic Stuff that can be found in store bundles.

Iferg On blue, Bobbyplays on black and Hawksnest on hash

Other Patch Notes and Updates


  • Added a feature where attachment remain equipped when replacing designs.

  • Optimise the quality of the MVP killcam.

  • Added a zoom feature to the map display when specifying an orbiting laserline.

  • Reduce screen phrases and friendship when using the MQ-27 dragonfire and Hulk X3

  • Balance the amount of weapon experience gained and the account progression in multiplayer.

  • Adjusted the acceleration of the M13 assault rifle to match the weapon running speed.

Battle Royale

  • Voluntarily discarded attachments prevents players from acquiring attachments of the same type or of any rank for 30 seconds.

  • Reduced the chance of getting unsuccessfully experienced by players when the network is environment is poor.

  • Expanded display of Advanced attachment for spectators.

  • Optimised environmental sound effects when the player is in a wild environment.

  • Updated text prompts when players exit battle Royale.

Gameplay Adjustments

  • Sniper Challenge Mode Adjustment

  • All pistol weapons except the MW11 will no longer appear in the mode.

  • Updated recommendations for custom sniper rifles and Gear.

  • If you do not have a sniper rifle in your backpack, a custom sniper rifle will be recommended by the designer and it will be displayed.

  • New Feature

  • Warface mode supports spectator mode.

  • Map Optimisation

  • Adjusted the structure of the Blackout map to optimise overall gameplay and Performance.

  • Added snow and ice areas to blackout map.

  • Optimisation Of Combat Performance

  • Muzzle smoke effect has been added to different type of muzzle attachment with its own smoke effect.

  • Muzzle heat dissipation smoke effect has been added and muzzle heat dissipation smoke appears after more than 10 consecutive shots.

Weapon Performance Update

  • Improved weapon handling

  • Tweaked grenade throwing behaviour model.

  • Improved photo-realistic site effects

  • Optimised gone shaking performance when moving non-aim fire and aiming-Fire.

Other Balance Adjustments

The Qxr, The AMR, The pp-19 bizon, The Dr-H and The D13 Sector have been buffed.

The purifier rate of Fire, Direct hit damage and initial number of bullets has been buffed as well.

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Written by   8
6 months ago
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