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Beat Production: Understanding Lo-fi Sounds And Music

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There's a genre of music that helps you as the listener in concentrating on your work, keeps you relaxed and helps you maintain a positive flow while working. Whether you need to focus while doing a task like studying, or need relaxation after an unvarying day, Lo-Fi is there for you to vibe to.

What is Lo-Fi?

Well Lo-Fi, also known as Low Fidelity or Low quality sounds, is an imperfect form of music. It comes with a Retro vibe with Modern Beats and arrangements

What makes a Lo-Fi Beat unique is the background sounds. The imperfections during recording unique and positive beats are what separate this genre of music from all others.

Lo-Fi music technically is just the arrangement of imperfect sounds coming together in a solemn manner often played slowly which makes it sound reverb(Slow but pleasant).

A Brief History Of Lo-Fi Music

Lo-Fi genre began to be recognised as a style of music in the early 1990's when it alternatively referred to as a DIY(Do It Yourself )Music.

The standards of sound quality and music production have evolved throughout the decades, meaning that some older examples of lo-fi may not have originally recognised as such.

There was no appreciation for the imperfections of Lo-Fi music among critics until the 1980's during which there was an emergent passion for home recording and DIY qualities.

By the end of the 1980's, qualities such as home recording, technically primitive and cheap/inexpensive equipment and tools commonly associated with the Lo-Fi label, and throughout the 1990's. Such ideas became central to how Lo-Fi was popularly understood.

NB: The Genre Was Popularised By DJ William Berger In The Year 1986 And Was Later Made More Public By Nujabes, J Dilla In 1990.

Some Types Of Lo-fi Sounds

  • Lo-fi Hip hop

This genre of lo-fi commonly consists of songs with low-Mid tempo's between 70-90 BPM. Singing and rapping do occasionally appear in this genre as well. It's mostly like hiphop but retro or slowed down.

Some popular artists in this genre are:

  • Eevee

  • Kazam

  • Idealism...... ETC

There are a whole lot more but you'll really enjoy their music.

  • Chillwave Lo-fi

Sometimes called Lo-Fi synthwave or Glo-Fi is a music microgenre that made way in the late 2000's. It is characterised by a faded or lo-fi retro pop sound, escapist lyrics, lo-fi aesthetic, mellow vocals, low to moderate tempo's, having effects processing and vintage synthesizers.

A very popular artists in this field is Shiloh Dynasty with the popular song "Sing to You".

Those are just some of few of the types of lo-fi music.

Lo-fi is a very big part of music and also a very big part of my works. Lo-fi is a very wide topic of its own with its own very unique characteristics.

I'm always happy to share my beat production knowledge on this platform and I hope it also inspires you guys to join in on the ride.

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Written by   8
6 months ago
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