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Beat Production: Beginners Guide

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7 months ago
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It's certain that many of you enjoy music and I do too, but what makes a song flow, or makes it melodious or makes you want to dance to? Well I call it a "beat". Every song(even Acapella) needs a certain beat to it for sure, something to make the song rhyme and sound good.

Beats on the other hand is simply the rythemic movement movement or speed at which a piece of music is played. That sounds simple enough.

There are types of beats, dozens of them like; The Dub step, Reggaeton, drum and bass, techno beats etc.....

They are all new topics of their own, but we will get to some of them later

Beat Creation

If you want to make music of course if you had the money, you could go to a recording studio and make a song or if you don't have the budget you can as well use your phone

The same goes with beats. You can make your own beat in a recording studio(supposing you have the budget) or you could use your mobile phone but let's just say we don't have a budget, what are the things needed to make a beat on your phone?

Firstly you'll need headphones. This is a very crucial equipment needed so as to be able to identify even the tiniest mistake in your beat.

Secondly you'll need inspiration. Except you just want to copy another person's project or beat, it's best you find inspiration from somewhere.

Thirdly you'll need beat creators or a "beat maker". The best beat maker for beginners that I would recommend is Bandlab. Available on both android and IOS.

Types of Beat

When I started making beats, the first type of beat I made music with was the basic "Drum and bass". This is a very fast pace type of beat that plays at about 150-170 BPM or Beats Per Minute, in terms of music, that is really fast. The way this sounds is simple, it's more like a heartbeat but faster. If you ever venture into beats production I'm sure you'll love working with this.

Another one of my favourites is Lo-fi beats. Lo-fi(Low fidelity)is a type of beat or music whereas the elements in it, usually pointed out as imperfections are very audible. To simplify this, it's very much like listening to a slow song. Imaging Drum and Bass but slower maybe at 120 down to as low as 50 BPM. Lo-fi sounds are very very special and have a place in music. There are dozens of beats but I just mentioned my favorites, I may give more details of them probably if I make another write up of beats.

Can You Make Income From Making Beats?

Well you can make legit money from creating beats of your own and selling it to singers, music studios and even publish it on music platforms and gain subs.

Is Beat Production Easy?

From my knowledge and experience, I would say beat production technically speaking is easy but complex at the same time. It just depends on the kind or type of beats you want to make.

Is Copying or Remaking A Beat Illegal or A crime

Copying or Remaking an already existing beat is not Illegal but, if the intent behind the remake is to illegally distribute it, then it can be said to be infringing on the rights of the owner(s) of the original beat.

I guess this is a very easy guide to the knowledge of beat production. I hope you'll have interests in the creation of beats and music.

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Written by   8
7 months ago
Topics: Music
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