Is GETTR the Winner?

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1 year ago

It's been almost a year to the day since the "iNsuRReCtIOn." Since then, Twitter has banned just about anyone worth following, including the sitting US president at the time. Shortly after whatever the hell that was at the US Capitol building, there was a massive purge of Trump supporters on Social Media. It got so bad, that Silicon Valley orchestrated a take down of Twitter alternative Parler after the app shot up the download charts pretty much overnight. That's when the social-censorship movement got really out of hand.

Even though I never voted for Trump and have generally split my ticket in every election that I've voted in, I was deeply troubled by what I saw happening with the censorship and did the only thing I knew I had the power to do, delete my accounts. Frankly it would have been just a matter of time before Twitter and LinkedIn got rid of me anyway. Such is life when you ask questions that authoritarians know they can't answer. In my Goodbye, Big Tech declaration, I mentioned Flote. Several months after that post, I did indeed signup for that platform. You can check me out on Flote here. I try to post something every couple days or so.

I like Flote. I've enjoyed the people I follow on there. Philosophically, I align very nicely with the creators of that platform. It's good, I like it, and you should check it out if you haven't dumped Twitter yet. That said, I'm totally willing to have another option. At one point, I had Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each of them served a different purpose. Now I have none of them. Point is, I'm not opposed to multiple social platforms if they all play a different role. Rules that I'm sticking to though; I will NOT put any app on my phone. I will not allow the platforms to dominate my attention the way Twitter once did. I have them for a purpose. They will not be my purpose.

So GETTR... is it just another Parler or Flote? I don't know. But I signed up today. And the reason is because el gato malo joined. Cat memes, baby! It's what was so fun about the internet before it started to suck! Seriously though, I can't compare GETTR to Parler because I was never on Parler. I'm not on Gab but that seems to be another Twitter alternative. I signed up for GETTR because of the Gato. The memes are fire. Especially this one:

I can safely say in my 5 hours since joining GETTR that the interface is pretty darn good. It's basically Twitter but you're allowed to say the shots don't work. And el gato malo isn't the only popular Substack writer who announced their migration to GETTR. There are others. This seems like it's the place where people are going, to me. A lot of this is probably driven by Joe Rogan's recently created account. Less than 24 hours ago and he already has over 8* million followers. Everyone is talking about Joe Rogan right now. Probably because of his recently released episode with Dr. Robert Malone. Interest in Malone has also gone parabolic:

There are a lot of Twitter alternatives. Parler, Gab, Minds, Flote, Mastodon. With respect to Parler getting jobbed by Big Tech, none of them have really felt like a valid heir to Twitter's throne. Now we have GETTR. I don't know. It just feels different this time. I've been following a lot of the kind of people who ultimately get censored for a while. These Twitter-alts have been available. What's different this time? I seems like the other platforms are suffering from fragmentation. There has been a noticeable push to GETTR by the banished. GETTR seems to be winning to me.

So if/when you get GETTR, follow me. It think this platform might be the one that finally kills the little blue bird.

Also, I've kept this close to the chest, but I have a Discord. I've generally only used it for joining other servers. Finance. NFT projects. Stuff like that. But if you have Discord and you want to connect, dare I say, create our own community... I made a Heretic Speculator server that you are free to join. The purpose? There is none. It's literally just a chat room. Remember those days? I do.

*Clarification on Rogan’s followers: this was misleading and I should have done better research. Rogan imported his Twitter feed when he signed up for GETTR. That import brought in all of his Tweets and his Twitter follower number (for some reason). GETTR actually only has 3-3.5 million users. 7.8 of Joe Rogan’s 8.5 million GETTR followers are actually from Twitter, not GETTR.

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I worry it could turn into just the mirror of Twitter though, with Twitter being the 'Leftwing' one and Gettr being the 'Rightwing' one. Both echo chambers, both censoring (albeit different) stuff.

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1 year ago

No doubt about that. I really like Flote personally.

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