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Introduction to Photography 2

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2 months ago

Good morningn everyone.

It's been long I wrote an article due to my busy schedule. I want to appreciate those who took their time to read my previous article which was on introduction to Photography. I want to thank those who read, upvoted and commented.

In the previous article I forgot to define photography.

Photography have been defined by so many people but as for me Photography is the act of capturing moments.

I can remember vividly when I was in a Photography workshop I heard so many definitions. Photography is light and the rest.

Now why did I say photography is the act of capturing moments is because it brings about memories. Now what are memory. Memories are past moment. For example: In a wedding the photographer have to photograph moments in the event like when the husband carries the wife, cutting of wedding cake and many more then later on they can check back on those happy moments.

Now in photography we have different niche. What I mean by niche is different categories examples are: Documentary photography, photo journalist, event photography, wildlife photography e.t.c. We have so many niche in photography in which all can't be mentioned.

In the next article I will be explaining the different types of Photography we have.

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