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In your Sleep

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2 years ago

Every sleep marks a temporary end of our lives. we may never wake up again. whatever we left unfinished remains where it is. while you sleep you transit to a different world.

We should watch the things we do before sleep. what are those things you do before sleep?

Do you keep pressing phone or watching films till you sleep off?Do you engage in vain talks before sleep?Do you engage in quarrels before sleep?Do you engage in masturbation or fornication before sleep?Or you send unlawful love messages before sleep?

What exactly do you do before sleep?Would you love to be raised on judgement day with your state of action,utterance or thought before sleep?

If your faith in Allah is deep-rooted you will even fear to sleep.

Purify your thought before sleep as you may never wake to renew the thought in your mind. As you are now about to sleep, you should recite portions of the Qur'an, think of death & life in the grave and you may do any remembrance.

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There is never a chance before death. Death keeps no calender. So it's better to be prepared before it is too late to mend. Keeping in mind that death waits for none, ought to be the sole responsibility. ♥

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2 years ago