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I hope you all will be fine and doing well. I am always very concerned about health. No doubt health is a great blessing of God. We need all vitamins and nutrients in the required amount everyday. If there is lackness of vital nutrients in our body then it leads to weakness. Calcium is a key nutrient of healthy bones. Today I am  going to share some very easy ways to fulfill your calcium needs. First of all we always make sure that we take care of our health on a daily basis. This means we should take daily base vitamins and minerals as well as doing exercise at least for 1 hour in 3 to 4 days 1 week. 

If we take care of our health for a few days and then do not care, then there is no use. We have to eat all the things on a daily basis that are beneficial for us such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products and antioxidants. And first of all, we should never forget to fill our body's water daily. 

Sesame Seeds 

Sesame seeds are an excellent source of calcium.  We should add this in our diet

 We can eat sesame seeds in different ways. I like sesame seeds so much and I love to eat sesame seeds in different ways like, first of all i like sesame seeds paste so much. Sesame seeds paste looks delicious while used as a spreading on toss. Secondly i eat sesame seeds in crushed form and add in hot milk with some sugar. Seriously, this combination is super delicious.  



Yogurt is also a big source of calcium.  I've always liked yogurt. Yogurt is also a good probiotic which enhances our gut health and protects us from different diseases. Probiotics are always good for health because they are healthy bacteria and act as guard for health. Always try to eat yogurt in the morning for breakfast because this is the best time for taking yogurt. Yogurt is too good for osteoporosis patients as it is fully packed with calcium and probiotics. 


Yummy!! Actually broccoli is my favorite vegetable. First of all, I want to share my most favorite cheese broccoli recipe with you. I always eat broccoli as a salad by stir frying in butter with some black pepper, lemon and salt and at last sprinkle some mozzarella and cheddar cheese. This is such a yummy recipe of broccoli which I have loved since my childhood. And no doubt broccoli is a rich source of calcium. 


Finally, I want to say that we should always take care of our health as much as possible. Always eat healthy and stay healthy. That's all for today. 

See you soon in the next article. 

Thanks Everyone!

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