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Life doesn't have it's own shape

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4 months ago

Life is a complex set of complex numbers, if you can solve it, life becomes very easy and if you can't do it, it seems very complicated. There is a puzzle hidden in these figures of life and we can't understand when we ourselves get into this maze while trying to solve these puzzles.

Oddly enough, getting into this maze is a way out, even if you don't know it, and that's when the struggle for life begins. The fight to save a friendship, the fight to save a relationship, the fight to make the right mistake, the fight to fulfill a dream or the fight to prove yourself right.

At the beginning of life, everything seems very nice, but with age, life becomes more complicated. We can easily solve this problem by following a crowd of familiar, unfamiliar people. But when that person is the one who hurts us the most, this simple number seems very complicated by confusing the number equation.

For example, when one doesn't keep a secret of one's life by believing in a friend, then the figure of believing in a friend becomes wrong. This is how many relationships come into our lives and we are constantly trying to figure out the tensions of this relationship. Sometimes the numbers match nicely and sometimes we can't find a solution even after hundreds of attempts, and just then life seems to be very complicated.

Actually life doesn't have its own shape or form, life is easy or complicated depending on how well we are able to solve life's numbers.

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