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Keep your arrogant to yourself

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4 months ago

Mind,why you are so stupid??
what happens to you sometimes??
You become an upset mind and you influence your work.
What are you so arrogant? Why are you so angry?
Keep your arrogant to yourself,
No one will take that share.
How many understand the next sorrow,think about it once.
Everything else that everyone is busy with is a lie.
Let's see what you can gain by showing what is yours.
The whole world is fake.

Then Mind laughs and says, "Everything I keep in myself. How much do I shows?"
All the troubles just pressed on the chest and died with pain.
Heart I'm,not a stone, but there will be emotions.
I know the motto of this world, 'let's go alone'.
I try to hide, hide from everyone,
But a little bit accidentally fell out of my bag.

Thanks @Dreamer

This post I first published on uptrennd. Here's the post link-

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Wow your poetry is so great

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4 months ago