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Countless hands of suffering

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4 months ago

Survival has both happiness and misery,
To one person at a time.

Restless times, sleepless nights,
Countless hands of suffering,
Holds, presses the throat,
Every minute leads to pain.

Find the desires with lack of confidence;
I see inhuman activities all around,
The ruthless sacrifice of faith.

With pain and suffering,
I go to bed at midnight;
I see myself in the family yard
Looking forward to another good day.

The people around me depend on me,
I can't leave everything and run away,
So I carry on the journey of hardship.

This post I first published on uptrennd .here's the post link-

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It's really a sad potery about the life🥺and many peoples facing the situation like this it's full of the tears

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4 months ago

Yeah dear it's a sad poetry related to life.

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4 months ago

How sad poetry, I think many of us are going through the same situation...

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4 months ago

Yeah dear many people face this same situation.

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4 months ago