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Before you judge others - judge yourself first

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3 months ago

Some people's low thoughts and negative thoughts become the thorns of their success. They always only target others but they don't think about what they can do. Instead, they only know how to find fault with others. Who did what or didn't do They know how to notice it well. But they don't look for their own faults even once. They know how to be jealous when they see the success of others, but they don't have the attitude of why they can't if others can.

Leg pain and small thoughts don't allow us to move forward.

Broken pens and jealousy of seeing others don't allow us to create the future.

Laziness to work and greed for money don't allow us to be great.

Our own thoughts are high and the thoughts of others are low..this thought doesn't allow us to be human.

But the scriptures say that you can be elevated only if you bow down.

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You are very right dear

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3 months ago