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The day I made a wrong decision that almost cost me my life.

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2 months ago

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The story you're about to read is a real-life story.

I woke up very late that morning (Now that I'm writing this article, I'm wondering why my mom didn't wake me up on time that day) it was unusual of me, probably because I had too much TV the previous night before. At that time I was 12 years old. After I had my bath and rush my breakfast, I had my transport fare with me and I was on my way to school.

My uniform was always ironed and even if I don't iron it, because of the wax I use on it while ironing it before, it always looks ironed.

I was out of the house and I headed towards the bus stop. It had rain and the floor was still wet so I couldn't walk fast. When I got to the bus stop I waited for about 10min and there was no bus heading my way. 10 minutes at that time feel like I have waited for 1 hour. At that time there are always trucks that pass and go in the same direction I'm heading. What we student usually do is that, when the truck or lorry slow down, we opt into the lorry and when we get to our destination, we wait for the lorry to slow down again and we jump down. The reason why we do this is to keep the money for transport.

Luckily for me that day there was a lorry heading my way and the people at the bus stop had already positioned themselves to run after the lorry and jump in when it slow down. As a smart boy, I was prepared, immediately it passed I ran after it and I jump in successfully including some adults and kids like me but I notice the driver didn't slow down the way I expected it to.

When I got to my destination, we were telling the driver to slow down as I already pass my bus stop. Other adults were jumping down but the speed wasn't the usual one I use to jump down. I saw other kids like me jumping down because we were getting far from our bus stop. The lorry was moving faster now and I had no choice but to summon the courage I drop down.

The moment my legs touch the ground, it was like I was falling from a story building. I was rolling on the road, I felt pain crawl from my spine to my brain. I rolled like 15 times before I got my balance. I stood up and leap to walk my way to the side of the road, at that point I notice there was a blood stain on my shirt, I took my shirt up to see where the blood was coming from and when my eyes behold the injury I almost fainted.

It was like I was stabbed with a chainsaw, I was so dizzy I had to sit for some minutes. I took the next bus home and told my mom a lorry hit me and run away. I got the utmost care in the universe and I didn't attend school for a week. After I got better, I learned from my experience and I never jump down at that speed again.

The End

I said the story the way I felt back when I was still a kid.😁

All images used are from Unsplash

Thanks for reading, till we meet again.

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Written by   241
2 months ago
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The stunts should be done by professionals, lol. Glad you survived I know for some people it's the most convenient choice but that incident is enough to remind you and others not to involve in such activities which have risks like this.

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2 months ago

Yeah.. You're right.. Funny thing was that after I was ok, I want back to the stunt because what doesn't kill you....

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2 months ago