5 reasons to love life and 5 ways to live it with joy

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Humor and laughter are known to positively affect our health and our overall life path. It is good news in the face of the hardships we have all had to face over the years. Here are five reasons and five ways to live life with a laugh.

1. Life is short:

Life will end one day and no one can predict its circumstances in advance. It is useless, then, to think about the end of the adventure all the time, but rather we must focus on the present and benefit from the future whose duration we do not know.

By reducing the seriousness and using humor in our journaling, we will make a valuable gift to ourselves and those around us as well. This idea should not burden our future, but rather encourage us to live true happiness based on laughter and smiling without our behavior amounting to cynicism. And because it is inevitable to face tragedies sometimes, we should not fear the absence of strong emotions from our lives today.

2. Humor is a source of comfort:

We definitely feel comfortable when we laugh, make fun of some topics, or watch a funny movie, and we enjoy our time among friends without carrying any preconceived ideas.

It is enough to hear jokes or laugh with the children or the partner in order to have a happy and enjoyable day. The best we can do is find a psychological situation that allows us to intentionally release the stress. This does not mean that we use humor frequently, but rather that we must be prepared to change our outlook on life. If you don't remember the last occasion you laughed, it's time to take action!

3. Humor tickles the mind:

If you are part of the thinkers who need to continue learning, educating themselves and exploring new areas, you should know that humor is an excellent exercise for the mind.

Each person can choose their own style and the literature they want to read. Humor may be vulgar or classy and poetic, and these moments can transport us to another world. From time to time, our style of humor reflects our vision in life.

4. Humor is essential for making friendships:

Humor is an excellent social bond. It is true that we all look for the company of fun and interesting people, but it is fun to surround ourselves with funny people on some evenings or make long-term friendships with them.

Funny boys in school are very popular from an early age. In love relationships, too, men have no difficulty attracting women if they are cheerful enough. When we feel alone or isolated, it is enough to put a smile on our face so that those around us receive positive vibrations and be close to us.

5. Conditional behavior:

If you are not by nature comic and alienate comedians and consider them ridiculous and stick to your serious tendency, then you have the right to give up the humor in your life and act in a realistic and practical way.

It is possible behavior provided you have sufficient intellectual rigor.

We are not static machines and we have to run away from reality sometimes. If the humor factor is absent, dream, imagination, and passion for a personal activity can be used to find a way out in life. Right, humor remains the easiest outlet for many!

Laughter is an effective pain reliever and patients use it during chemotherapy or rehabilitation


1. Creating a pain reliever:

We are unable to laugh in bad circumstances such as mourning, separation or divorce. But we will definitely feel comfortable when someone close to us tells an interesting tale from the past, or recovers a happy memory or an ironic situation related to the person we lost! This method allows you to reduce anxiety, fear and anger.

Laughter is an effective pain reliever and patients use it during chemotherapy or rehabilitation. Changing thoughts or being with optimistic people can have a placebo effect, so we should not deprive ourselves of this "treatment."

2. Positive Thinking:

Positive thinking is another approach to living life with a laugh. A small dose of this approach allows to simplify the incidents that are made more difficult when we compare our situation to others. No wonder this method is becoming more and more popular today.

3. Taking appropriate attitudes:

Humor can always be inspired by reality, but we exaggerate the idea or alter it a little so that it becomes funny. Humor can also bring people together as a unifying cultural entity. True humor can only be expressed in a broad context of freedom.

4. Laughter therapy:

Laughter gives positive effects on our health as it reduces stress hormones, improves the immune system, allows stress relief and relieves pain. It also improves our cognitive function and allows the release of dopamine, and is more common in therapists. So we should regard humor as our ally and cherish it. Embracing it in our lives will be a positive step for loving ourselves and avoiding isolation.

5. "Human" quality:

Laughter is a human quality par excellence. Animals cannot laugh despite everything they do and feel. Researchers who studied a group of monkeys noticed that a number of them displayed a form of smile by raising their lips slightly. For these animals, some form of violence can be controlled by this movement.

Psychologists also believe that humor allows for an escape from violence and suffering and plays a fundamental role in difficult life stages. Let's prove our human character, then, by acquiring this extraordinary humor!

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I completely agree. laughter is a feeling that keeps us from going crazy. that's why we need to laugh

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2 years ago