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Snow White crochet dress

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5 months ago

I had a client that became a regular one, which is a first, whom I just knew after she had asked me to make an aurora crochet dress for her baby who has turning a month old at the time. It was a rush order. I only had 4 days to finish it and luckily I have the colors available so despite having two other orders at the time, the other one to be shipped out the same week and not yet finished and the other one also an Aurora dress for another baby, which was ordered the same day as the one mentioned before. It was hectic and somewhay frustrating because I don't know which one to do first because they were both asking for updates. But I managed to finished them both and deliver amd ship all of them on the deadline date. My client then told me that she would ask me to do another dress on her baby's next month celebration and I was excited but I didn't think any of it because it happened to me a couple of times when a client told me that she chooses me to do an outfit another time but never does anyway but it's fine. There's no hard feelings. And then a few weeks later, she messaged me again to say that she wanted a snow white dress and I wasn't expecting so I was surprised and I said I'm glad to do so. I was so happy to hear from her again and maybe she really liked the first one I made for daughter. We transact and I did the dress. I made it for a couple of days and delivered it to her again. I was so happy that she liked my creations and I felt proud of myself. This month, she also already asked me to make her a cinderella dress for her little one who is turning 3 months this month. I'm excited. I already ordered the yarns I need. I'm just waiting for it.

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