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Assalamualaikum everyone.

The internet has spread everywhere in people's lives.No animal in the world is out of the Internet.The most advanced technology in the world today is the Internet.The Internet has revolutionized the field of information technology.Through the Internet, computers on one side of the earth can provide all the information including pictures instantly to another computer on the other end.The Internet is a huge networking system.As a result of the Internet, what was impossible in the field of communication a century ago is now possible in the blink of an eye.

Internet system in Bangladesh:

The Internet was introduced in Bangladesh in November 1993.At that time internet service was launched through offline.Notable among these are Pradeshta, Table, Tap, BDMAIL, BDNET and Aurora.Not being able to use all the resources of the vast world of information through these organizations due to being connected offline.Nothing could be further from the truth except email downloads and uploads.In this case, the customers would exchange mail with the service provider from their computer through the communication software with the help of modem and telephone line.Service providers would send ISD several times a day to computers connected to telecommunications cables.At the same time the mails received by the customers were downloaded. As no communication was established between the 6 organizations mentioned a customer of one organization could not send mail to a customer of another organization.The information sent by one of them would go around the world and then to another customer.But with the introduction of online, all the barriers of communication system are removed.Bangladesh has been able to enter the huge world of online internet services. June 4, 1997 ISN launched the first online internet with the launch of VSAT.Since then, a total of 12 companies including Grameen Cyber ​​Net, U Online, BRAC, BDMAIL, PRADESHTA NET etc. have been working as internet service provB As a result of being recently connected to the Optical Highway the people of Bangladesh are able to connect with the world more quickly and easily.

importance of internet :

Many impossible things are being made possible today through communication networks.From sending and receiving information to chatting with people from all over the world, conferences, education, marketing, office management, entertainment, etc. are being done with the help of internet.With the development of multimedia, its potential is increasing day by day.A Bangladeshi man can enjoy an open air concert in New York through the internet.A patient from Bangladesh can take the advice of a doctor in London.Credit cards are being used to buy goods from one country to another.The Internet is helping scientists more in space research.There are also multiple uses of the Internet, including e-mail.The reality is that the Internet is inextricably linked with the world's communications.

Disadvantages of the Internet:

In addition to the advantages of using the Internet, there are some disadvantages.There is a class of people who accept evil more than good.Young people on the Internet are wasting their time watching various obscene and vulgar scenes. We want specific policies to protect this youth from decay.Although the government has enacted laws to prevent the misuse of information technology.

The Internet is one of the mainstays of modern man.Through this, people's life has become much easier.At present, the popularity of internet has increased a lot as the government of Bangladesh has made the import of computer completely tax free. In order to make the internet popular, an internet committee has been formed in Bangladesh.The current world is moving fast with the help of internet technology.

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