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Gender discrimination & equality

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Gender discrimination

Gender discrimination Bangladesh begins at birth. In our country women are the worst sufferers. Social prejudices and customs tend to degrade their position. When a female child is born, it is not regarded as a happy event. She is not welcomed with the deep warmth of heart.In stead of being delighted the male members think that she has come to add to their misery. Even the mother of the female child is not welcomed cordially for giving birth a female child. Rather Age is held in great contempt.

Obviously there are many reasons behind this social superstition. First of all she is regarded as a liability to be got rid of as soon as possible. Her marriage drives her parents mad for our evil dowry system . Her parents try to find a husband for her even beforehand she attains physical and mental maturity. Her marriage may cost her parents a heavy amount of money. Religious misinterpretation and social structures discourage often prevent girls from going to coeducation schools.

This problem can not be solved over night. To solve this problem our Outlook towards the girls should be changed. We should realize that women are equal partners to men. They should be made self sufficient by giving them proper education and employment.They should be provided the same type of food as are given to male children. Early marriage should stop.

Gender equality

Gender equality means the equal treatment both to male and female. It also means the equal rights enjoyed both by the male and female. There can be no denying the fact of it’s importance. If a female female not ensured equal rights, her sufferings know no bounds.

Development of the country can not be thought of if the rights of the females are not ensured. So the importance of gender can nit be denied. To speak the very truth the condition of gender discrimination is very vulnerable. In Bangladesh begins at birth. A girl is born to an unwelcome world. It is thought that she has come to this world to add miseries to her family. She is confined within the four walls of the house. She has to do all household work. She is deprived of all rights. She lives at the mercy of other people. She is considered to be burden for her family.

Gender equality is not maintained at all in Bangladesh. Ignorance, prejudice, religious misinterpretation, social values and Outlook are the social barriers to gender equality.There are many other reasons which are responsible for gender inequality. Society, ignorant people and uneducated parents are responsible for these barriers. Women constitute half of our total population. So keeping half of our generation in the darkness the development of the country can not be thought of. So gender equality is related to the overall development in our country.

To ensure gender equality first of all females should have the right to receive education. There should be no distinction between male and female. The female should be guaranteed equal rights. They should not be deprived of any right. Prejudices should be uprooted. Social outlook towards female should be changed. Religious misinterpretation should be abolished.Early marriage should be stopped. If we can do all these things, gender equality can be ensured in Bangladesh.

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Written by   119
1 year ago
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