These are 5 animals that are afraid of water, one of which is very adorable

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There are many animals that are afraid of water, from cats to horses. There are several reasons why they are afraid of water, one of which is to make the animal uncomfortable.

The world is filled with animals that have bewildering tricks or talents that they use to survive.

Although 71% of the planet consists of water, not all animals living in this world like water. There are some animal species that don't like water, even in puddles.

Here are 5 animals that are afraid of water quoted from Animal Quarters:

1. Horse

Actually horses are one of the animals that can swim, unfortunately their instincts also make them afraid of water. If you have a horse, it's a good idea to get your horse used to crossing small streams so as not to be afraid of water.

Horses will try to avoid water or rivers so that they will fall down as soon as they see a river. This is because they become unsure of being able to cross the river if they are not trained properly. Because horses instinctively rely on their running speed to avoid predators. So when they have to enter the river, they become unsure because they cannot run as fast as on land.

Predators in the water such as crocodiles and alligators pose a threat and are the reason horses hesitate to cross rivers. Because in the wild, horses are often defenseless against such predators and it is this ancient instinct that makes them afraid of water.

2. Cats

You'll often find that your domestic cat or pet will try their best to avoid being bathed. This is because they evolved from species that came from drier climates and developed a resistance to water.

Another theory suggests that domestic cats spend long periods of time grooming themselves. If it gets wet, it will cause the fur to stick together. Drying this coat will take a long time and can make the cat feel uncomfortable

3. Monkey

Monkeys are afraid of water because they live in tropical areas where many predators lurk underwater such as anacondas and caimans.

Monkeys will spend more than half of their life on land and only enter the water during certain times of the year.

4. Bobcats

Bobcats are elusive animals and are known to be great hunters. But like other cat species, Bobcats are also very afraid of water.

You'll find bobcats in cold climates and surrounded by snow and ice, but you'll never see them swimming. This aversion to water makes it difficult for the creature to hunt and find food during the winter.

Bobcats too, like domestic cats, spend a long time grooming themselves. Its shiny coat can lose its luster if it gets wet.

5. Bees

Bees are one of the insects that really hate water. Even when drinking the bees will never get their little feet wet, they will stand on the edge of the water container to drink.

Hence, when you are attacked by bees, it is better to throw yourself into the water. The bees won't be able to follow you into the water.

Bees are afraid of water because they can drown in it. Excessive rainfall, flooding, and other similar disasters can also destroy beehives.

Unlike other insects, bees did not evolve to swim. Once the bee's wings are wet, they won't be able to do much to escape whatever water situation they find themselves in.

They can drown in water, so sometimes, one way to destroy beehives is to spray them with soapy water.

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