the danger of placing the wall socket too close to the bed

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Currently, playing mobile phones before bed is one of the favorite activities of many people, maybe we are one of them.

After the phone battery runs out, my friend will definitely look for an outlet to charge it.

Because nowadays we are increasingly dependent on sockets, there are some people who put wall sockets near their beds However, it turns out that this is not recommended because it has a negative impact on humans.

This is explained by Health Digest on its website. Here's the reason.

  • Electronic device radiation

We need to know that every electronic object emits energy in the form of radiation, or also called electric magnetic fields or EMF (electric and magnetic fields). Household electronic equipment such as refrigerators, computers, cell phones, and televisions emit non-ionizing radiation (noo-ionizing radiation) in low amounts, so they do not pose a significant risk to human health.

The wall socket also emits a small amount of EMF and is not very harmful to humans. However, if you sleep near a wall outlet, it is possible that over time there will be side effects that are not good for the body

  • Plugging in a lot of electronics.

Because there is an outlet near the bed, usually people will put various electronic objects such as night lights, cellphones, laptops, and so on.

According to experts from Manufactured Home Parts and Accessories, the more electronic objects that are plugged into the wall socket, the higher the level of EMF that will be emitted.

Well, this is what can finally have an impact on the body, because it is exposed to a fairly high EMF for hours.

According to a 2004 study from the University of Washington, United States, exposure to low levels of EMF for two days caused permanent brain cell damage in mice.

Therefore, to avoid the side effects of radiation, you should start reducing EMF exposure.

One of them is by not sleeping near a wall outlet, or vice versa, don't put an outlet near the bed.

That's the discussion about the dangers of sleeping near a wall socket.

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Thanks a lot for such informative article!we should not put wall sockets near our beds it's really dangerous

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hope it's useful

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