5 Types of Stress You Must Apply, Let's Recognize, and Create!

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Stress is the body's reaction that occurs when a person faces a threat, pressure, or a change. Stress can also occur due to situations or thoughts that make a person feel hopeless, nervous, angry, or fiery.

Stress often occurs in big cities and industries. Stress has different triggers depending on the type. There are several common factors that can cause stress, such as being under pressure, worrying about something, not having control over a situation, or being faced with uncertainty.

In addition, bad stress not only interferes with psychological health, but can also have an impact on physical health such as hair loss, heart disease, immune disorders, abnormal weight, reduced memory, and metabolic syndrome.

Someone who experiences bad stress can minimize it by taking medical treatment or self-medication such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), taking medication as recommended by a doctor, exercising, eating healthy foods, meditation, doing positive and productive things, or expanding positive friendships.

However, you know, it turns out that stress has a different type. These types depend on the situation or condition of a person. Here are some types of stress that are rarely known to many people.

1. Positive Stress

Positive things can also be stressful, such as getting married or graduating. Stress is good for health and can increase immunity. This stress is able to find inspiration and achieve the desired target.

2. Internal Distress

This stress is due to a threat or an unpleasant situation. Automatically the body will form a self-defense so that an uncomfortable feeling arises. These thoughts cause the body to experience internal distress.

3. Acute distress

This stress occurs when a person experiences a bad event that passes quickly. In contrast to chronic stress, which occurs when a person has to endure stress for a long time. Both types of stress can cause hyperstress.

4. Hypostress

This stress occurs when a person experiences a situation due to no pressure at all. Hypostress can be said as the absence of stress which actually makes a person experience extraordinary boredom and do not feel any challenge. This can lead to depression and a desire to end life.

5. Eustress

Eustress is a type of stress that can be said to be good stress for a person. The pressure that occurs does not make a person down, but makes a person try to overcome it. This stress usually occurs in people with good management.

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Well explained the topic. Stress is world fastest growing desiese now a days.

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thank you, hope it's useful

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