3 Mistakes Often Made by Mobile Legend Rank Solo Players

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Mobile Legends is a very popular MOBA game in Indonesia. In fact, since its release in 2016, no similar MOBA game has been able to shift the position of Mobile Legends.

In this game, there are several ranks that players will pass before reaching the highest rank, namely mhytic. Often times, many players play solo ranks in Mobile Legends. However, many mistakes are often made by these solo rank players, which causes their rank position to not increase.

Here are 3 mistakes that are often made by solo players ranked in Mobile Legends, let's look at the discussion!

1. Map blind

First, map blindness, this is a mistake that is very often made by solo rank players. The map itself has a function to find out the position of opponents and friends in which area. Most of the players sometimes do not see the movement of the opponent in the map.

They go to various positions regardless of which position is dangerous. So don't let you do this. If there is a war, immediately help your team and cover them. So that your friends don't get ganged by enemy players

2. Selfish when choosing a hero

The second mistake that is often made by solo players ranked in Mobile Legends is being selfish when choosing a hero. The players who have this 'selfish' nature often choose heroes according to their own will. Not paying attention to what the team needs.

3. Lust Kill

The last is the lust to kill. Many solo rank players are very eager to get a large number of kills. Indeed, getting a large number of kills will help you get money faster. However, if you are too eager, it will have a negative impact.

That's the discussion about 3 mistakes that are often made by Mobile Legends rank solo players. Hope this can help you in the game. Continue to visit Dafunda Game for more interesting information about Mobile Legends Tips!

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