Jack and T2G

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Jack has to face the reality of life. My best friend indeed. As an easy going guy, Jack is cool but knows best for his life. He always goes to cheap but valuable. Not only that, he believes so much in himself. He believes he can do all. I don’t know now, when he had learnt lessons from T2G. A latest guy who was living in high paid apartment. He rolled for ladies and they too rolled for him. But now, Jack is back to ghetto. He doesn’t want to tip shadow of female beings. We have tried to make him forget the past but he can’t.

“Ah! Bob, can I be dumped?” he asked.

“Sorry. Nobody is above that.”

“Do you hear anything about her? I need to see her?”

“You don’t need that. The game is over.”

Here is how it was go:

It was around five after noon. I was waiting for Jack who fixed the time with me. I was even there before the time. I ordered for drink. I stretched my neck until it pained me. Soon, Jack appeared.

“Sorry for time wasting. Hope not keep you long.” He said.

“More than how you mean. To the business. How did you meet her?”

Smiled, Jack. He was bar, enjoying himself when a beautiful and well attractive damsel walked in. Nobody could hold him or herself. Indeed, she was a princess of heaven. She kept smiling to beautify her face. Jack looked on her until he was about to fall. Oh! Everybody went for her. Jack made a boldness step. He walked majestically as son of world’s president to her seat. They exchanged greetings and introduced each other.

“To be honesty, Lara is full of respect and humble. Her voice was so sweet on ears than sugar on tongue. She does not see herself as someone important. She spoke to me as if we have known each other for long time. I thanked God for get such mother-in-laws dream. Immediately, I started writing script and acting it simultaneously. ” They changed the contact. “she is more than a celebrity”

“Meet her?”

“She’s coming tomorrow.”

I too couldn’t wait to meet her. Her qualifications were too much.

I was too hurry to meet her. I was two hours late to time Jack said she would come. I rushed in to meet her but I don’t know what stopped me when I set my eyes on daughter of arch-angel. Lara was so beautiful. As if Jack had told her about me, she stood up and shake me. Jesus! That hand had become unusable for a while. This girl was high in class than my jolly friend.

“Yes. But real guy will not eat low grass.”

“Any game?”

“Bob, you’re funny. I’m here to finalize the script.”


“Let meet at junction by five full story narrating.”

I was sent out from the apartment. I kept thinking how he would not loss this golden opportunity of finding his choose.

I was at junction. Jack came. He was tired and excited. Happiness showed on his face.

“I’m tired of you. You wanna know what happened?”

“Sit and gist your lad.”

“Yes, Bob. She was beautiful. At first stage, I have passion, love for her but she was general girl.”


“Too general girl”

“T2G! General again! Who is not general then?”

“The ball was on the pitch when several players calling her”

“Does that means it is general? Fine. She is attractive. At last….” I signed.

“Yes! I found my way to my best. But she disturbed me with question. Either I want to marry her or just have my way. As I smart guy, I took her married life on tongue.”

“because she is general?”

“I believe, she will be used by another guy by now.”

“As I see her, she was not among all these T2Gs. Why can’t you hook up with her.”

He turned it down and changed the topic.

I was on towel when a door bell rang. It was my food vendor. I rushed to door. But thank God, I had not opened the door when the towel fall. I was in complete naked. Lara was at the door. Few minutes later, I opened for her. She came in moody. She was high, giving complaining bitterly about Jack. I tried all possible best to stop her crying. I even cleaned and cleared her tears. I promised to see my friend on this. We hugged each other when she was about to leave.

Gosh! I could not stop thinking about her presence in my house. It was like a visitation of Queen Sheba in my life. Touching her made me feel like king Solomon.

I hurried up and found my way to Jack. His apartment was internal locked. He was in. I was trying to get in when Lara appeared. This was problem. I knew what I meant. She came out a spare key and opened the door. I want to call on Jack but she made me quiet. We both went in. Alat! Jack was having swim unto a damsel. We all shocked. Sweating Jack was breathing heavily.

Lara rushed back to parlor. I went and met her here. Getting to her, her phone beeped. She thanked God and packed her bag. She kissed and hugged me. She asked of my apartment key in low voice.

“I want to narrate story of my life to you.” She said and left after I had handled the key to her.

Jack rushed out to stop her but too late to arrive.

“Why?” he asked.

“I couldn’t. Who among you is now T2G?”

We were dragging this when B&S (buy and sell) Company drove in. We were not surprise to see them because we didn’t have business with them. But to our amazing, they were coming towards Jack’s apartment.

“Good day. Is it Jack?”

“Any problem?”

“Every thing is under sell.” Evidence was shown. “So, leave.”

Lara had sold all the properties. Jack left the house with only towel on him. During my finds, Lara had stole all necessary documents and receipts. She sent it to B&S and collected money.

“Ah! Bob, Lara has ruined my life without repair.” He lamented three days later he woke up on hospital bed.

Lara is in my house for the past two week. She keeps narrating her life’s story.

Jack and T2G

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This story is touche my heart. I appreciate it. Keep sharing more please like this:)

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