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Wallets Need A Universal Plugin System

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1 month ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash, BCH

With all the new features coming to bitcoin cash and the already existing ones wallets seem to be all over the place with features. Some support SLP, some don't. Some support cashfusion, others don't. How many support flipstarter? Only electron cash still? Toss SmartBCH on top of it and I can see a mess forming. It's already possible to loose SLP tokens due to wallet incompatibility and that is not good.

All this got me thinking. Why not have a standardized plugin system for wallets? I think devs are smart enough to come up with an interface that allows any plugin to work with a wallet. Write a plugin for one wallet it works in all. Could be an SLP plugin, cashfusion plugin or even social media plugin like memo/member or noise cash.

I know there would be a downside to this of security. Bugs could cause issues that might not occur in one wallet but do in another or worse scammers could write plugins to steal coins. I think this could be worked around with a verification system sort of like the hashes used to validate program downloads now. Maybe even store those validation hashes on the blockchain. There would need to be levels of trust. Of course no trust is the lowest. Verified with X number of wallets with a list would be higher trust. Finally verified to work with the wallet you are using would be the highest trust.

I'm sure this would take quite a bit of work and cooperation to get up and running but I think it could have huge benefits. Imagine if people didn't have to wait for cashfusion on wallet or flipstarter could work with coinbase or wallet. Possibly more important someone writing a new wallet could instantly have all existing plugins available for use. Could be huge for decentralized systems.

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