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Sex for mark

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2 years ago

I remember vividly what happened back then in school,year 2010. I think I was in 500 level. The story goes thus:

It was about 7pm when I got a call from an unregistered number, I picked it gleefully as it's my usual practice. The caller who I was yet to know introduced himself as one of my lecturers and asked that I should come around. I didn't hesitate, so I told my hostel mates what just transpired as I hardly go out without letting someone know my whereabout, they asked me not to go but I insisted.

I lived in the hostel so it was such a short distance to the lecturer's office. In a jiffy I was with him sitting opposite him,waiting patiently so he could tell me the reason for my invitation. Instead he buried his head in the scripts he was marking. After a while he asked what is your matric number which I gave without hesitation.

I saw him scouting for my exam sheet,of course he saw it,he flipped through my scripts and the following conversation ensued.

Mr Lecturer: how come you failed my course like this?

Me: (with a dangerous smile) Sir I can't fail your course, I have never failed a course. I have a reputation for crossing the failure line no matter how terrible the exam was (not my making just grace) Sir,if I will fail that course then I will fail with a C?

Mr Lecturer: (he was awe-struck,I think my reply came as a shock) ehn! But you know I can make you score an A?

Me: (tempting broad smiles) wow! That with be indeed wonderful. What are friends for? ( I have a reputation of making friends easily)

Mr Lecturer: Ah! We will talk more about that tomorrow. Would you mind going on a date? ( who knows he could be a potential husband)

Me: Great! A date we have. See you tomorrow at 5pm.I will make my choice of a venue and get back to you.

(Next day...after telling him where to block me. It was a great outing, I ate to my fill,he bought me yahooza chicken (only futmites will understand) and even gave me extra for my friends) (While in the car)

Mr Lecturer: ehn! Yesterday you said you will appreciate if I score you an A.

Me: That's right Sir. (Holding tenaciously to my chicken)

Mr Lecturer: you know in life nothing goes for nothing?

Me: (feigning ignorance) Sir I don't usually understand parables. Pls can you say exactly what you mean?

Mr Lecturer: I mean you need to rub my back as I rub yours.

Me: oh! Now I understand. So what's the deal?

Mr Lecturer: you sleep with me,I give you an A.

Me: uhmmm! Is that all you can do?

Mr Lecturer: (scratching his head) ehn... OK..I have 2 other lecturers I can talk to which makes it 3 As.

Me: Impressive but not good enough. Mr Lecturer: what do you want?

Me: 9 straight As(5point) if I could score a Grade point of 4.54 solely on my own then I expect more from you.

Mr Lecturer: Silvia, it's not possible to convince 8 other lecturers. You're asking for too much.

Me: Good! Then we have no deal.( I knew he wouldn't meet up,even if he did I had no such intention,then I was under an oath of celibacy. I wasn't so crazy about graduating with a 4 point)

Me: Sir I have a plea, please if you can't add to my mark I beseech thee do not reduce it.(with a stern face)

Mr Lecturer:are you threatening me?

Me: no Sir, how can I threaten a Lecturer? Am just imploring you.

( meanwhile all our conversation was being recorded on my phone as back up in case he dares to play with the tail of a lion. (Dropping me off,he bade me good bye while I thanked him for the sumptuous outing) (Fast forward to when result was pasted) ...........

To be continued later

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Written by   17
2 years ago
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I don't know why a lecturer will be involve with this kind of thing

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2 years ago

This is quite usual in the educational system of my dear country

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2 years ago

Some lecturers are just nothing but he goats. They are just there graduating unlearned graduates

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2 years ago

This is common in most schools today, they nolonger care about ethics on morals

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2 years ago

Haaa lord this is a brave and courageous thing I would probably saved this for some time it was very explicit.

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2 years ago