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Marriage issues

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2 years ago

"Our marriage was arranged so I didn't have much time to study him coupled with the fact that I didn't have much city exposure.

I was naive and complacent. I took whatever he said as right and could hardly stand up to him. Over the years, as no child was forthcoming, he insulted me at will and even hit me a few times. Since I had nothing doing but followed him to his shop in the market, I had no personal funds. I cowered and lost whatever self esteem I had. I wasn't happy and I wanted a child badly if that would make me have a loving home.

Since the child wasn't forthcoming, there was nothing I could do. At the start of the pandemic, markets were shut down so we had to stay at home. His attitude towards me became worse as we were cooped up in the house night and day with nothing to do. At a point, he stopped eating my food or even talking to me. I decided to travel to my place so I could be away from him for sometime.

While I was there, I saw the market women who came down to buy farm produce directly from farmers. I made some inquiries and some of the women in the village agreed to give me some basins of garri on credit. I brought them to town and quickly sold out and went again. That was how I started going to the "bush market" to buy farm produce to sell in the city. I am so busy now I don't have time to think of my husband's attitude. He hasn't raised his voice at me let alone hit me.

We may not have the best of a relationship but there's some measure of respect. He listens when I talk. I am no longer scared of leaving him too as I can provide for myself without his help."

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Arranged marriage don't always go well. People should be allowed to marry people of their interest

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2 years ago