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Control your mouth

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2 years ago

We have So many Spiritual men without Spiritual principles.......#selah

Learn to control your mouth if you must live long.

I have chosen to mind my own business, I have chosen to run my own race, I have chosen to stay focused on my assignment.

For we will give account to God on how we spent our lives while on earth.

Stop Fighting for God focus on pleasing God on ur own first before you correct someone else.

Stop running around looking for who to spoil, pollute and manipulate against his or her loved ones. Get busy !! Before you speak against any Pastor or Christian be sure you are in the right tune with God.

You can’t be keeping two boyfriends/girlfriends and still be calling someone fake Prophet or Pastor.

You can’t be sleeping with someone’s wife or husband and still got the right to come on Facebook insulting Any Pastor or Prophet.

You can’t be stealing from your madam or Boss in the office and still be acting like angels on Facebook criticizing Pastors or Prophets.

You calling Or tagging someone People fake after you have gone for breast engagements, butt enhancement and hip lift enhancement . Keep quiet 🤫

How can you be living a fake lifestyle and still be talking against others....... Walking about with Condoms in your wallet, pornography and nudities all over your phones and you calling someone fake........ Please Repent from you foolish lifestyles then you can correct others to imitate you just as you also imitate Christ.

You can’t be living for the Devil and still claiming to be fighting for God.

Get Born Again !!

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Spiritual men without spiritual principles.......this is meditative...

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2 years ago

The tongue is small but it can destroy a whole nation when used wrongly.

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2 years ago

There is power in our mouths, we dont have to use is wrongly

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2 years ago

It is easy to judge others mistakes, but it is difficult to recognize your own mistakes. Let's learn to mind our business.

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2 years ago