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Dermatographia (skin writing condition)

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1 month ago

So my skin writing appears again, and I don't really exactly what is the cause of this so I research about it, since I didn't have any articles made today, I will just share this one.

Skin writing is a Dermatographia, it appears lightly scratch on the skin. The scratches redden into a raised wheal similar to hives and this marks usually disappears after 30 minutes.

The causes of this is unknown, but can be triggered by infections, emotional upset and medication such as penicillin.


  1. Red lines

  2. Swelling

  3. Inflammation

  4. Hive like welts

  5. Itching

The condition appears when the skin is being rubbed or scratched. This condition will last for how many months or years.


There is no exact cause of dermatographia, it's isn't clear yet. It maybe caused by allergies but no specific allergens to be exact yet.


Avoid irritating your skin- don't use harsh soap that will irritate skin and triggered this skin writing condition. Don't wear itchy clothes, and warm bath may worsen the situation.

Keep your skin moisturize- dry skin tends to itchy, used lotion or moisturizer after every bath.

Don't scratch your skin- avoid scratching your skin it will worsen the dermatographia and aggravate the condition.

I don't used lotion every after bath I'm too lazy to do that 😂, and when it appears I write some shapes or anything and it will appear on my skin like this 😁

I'm not that flawless sorry 😂 no filter for real.

I don't take medicine it will disappear anyway and not that itchy. I'm really wondering what was my allergen but found out it has no certain allergen to be specific so I can't avoid something. But I observed this will appear when the temperature is too high and when temperature is also cold and sometimes when it's dusty it also appears.

Anyone feel me??

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Written by   130
1 month ago
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before I was wondering why my skin is like that when I scratch it usually there is a mark on it but it usually takes a minute before it disappears but now Iknow what is the cause thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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1 month ago