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Ideal Couple: The Kramer

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6 months ago (Last updated: 5 months ago)

If you are a Filipino you would never miss this couple who eventually got a family of their own and is a role model of every parents out there.

Yes, they might not be someone who starts from rags to riches nor a simple type of family since for one they are celebrities but how they manage their household, relationship, differences and how they discipline their kids are way different.

Meet Chesca Kramer

Photo Source: Instagram

I love her as a mom. Though I am not really an avid fan but whenever I watch their video I could see how she respect her husband. There was one video I watched where she and her husband discussed about how they discipline their kids. It is nice that they get to find time to talk about things, decision to make and that one looks to the other half as their equal. Other couples often have a quarrel because either the husband or the wife is trying to play being authoritative in the household then the kids starts to witness the never ending conflict between their parents. Despite being a celebrity she is also a hands on mom to her kids. I watched another video from ther YT channel when their eldest was trying to show their closet and she was telling the audience that her mom is the one who piles up her clothes and arrange her things.

Here's Doug Kramer

Photo Source: Facebook

One of the best thing a woman can have is a husband who sees through her, who understands and respect her. This man here is one example.

He treats Chesca like an equal and would always listen to what she says and analyze things out with her. He also do his best to be a good provider.

Admit it or not it is seldom now a days to find someone like him, being handsome and well built is a bonus of course, but other than that a good man is hard to catch. Some of those men I knew would rather enjoy wasting his wife's money through vices than helping her.

Such an ideal couple to behold! For sure it is everyones dream. But always remember dear readers, before you look for someone right for you be "right for someone" first.

What I am saying is make sure to do good and have goals in life. Do not pray and do nothing because it won't be like magic. I also believe that one's both partners work together they can make such a wonderful kids or family.

Before I end my article, my dear BCH community I also would like to share that Team Kramer is into NFT. kindly click the link below for more details: Team Kramer Office Facebook

Yey! Another article completed. Do you also look up to them?

I really do! ♡

Anyway, thank you for dropping by! Feel free to leave a comment.

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Written by   21
6 months ago (Last updated: 5 months ago)
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I had reach many more stories of singles mother's , theirs hard journey but today honestly is the first time I am reading that there are couple who support one another to this extent... I am far away place from Philippines...

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6 months ago