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The young man wakes up in the morning very angry, when he is told to calm down, he says "what should I do, I'm like this". An adult says he's very touchy, taken from the smallest thing. When asked why you don't tell your feelings, he says, "What should I do, I'm like this". Yet another person says that your right has been defeated and he is enraged with anger, and when he is asked "why don't you seek your rights", he says "what can I do, I can't offend anyone"...

Almost everyone has experienced and witnessed these events at home, at work, and around them. In many areas, we may have experienced or are experiencing this, but the truth is that “we are not actually like that and we choose to be that way…”.

The phenomenon called temperament, disposition or temperament – ​​cold-bloodedness, introversion, is the biological characteristics of the genetic structure of the human being transferred to him, which is accepted as unchangeable and constitutes the essence of that person. That's why it was said when it was said that "can't get hurt". The phenomenon called personality is a phenomenon that is constantly changing and developing as a result of temperament, body, social environment, which child one is, abilities and tendencies. Even the so-called character and moral dimension of personality; Even traits such as industriousness, honesty, reliability, perseverance, benevolence, etc. are patterns of behavior that we acquire later. After a while, it forms the moral inclinations of the person and even surpasses his personality. So morality is often paired with one's attitudes.

Our main purpose is not to give lessons from short information, but people's perception of themselves as a victim and thinking "I am like this, I cannot change" and trying to make everyone accept this is a kind of thought virus and is even more dangerous than the Covid virus. There is a cure for the Covid virus, but it is not possible to replace such deep-rooted beliefs with drugs. Sometimes the family, environment and conditions cannot be with the child or the individual during the developmental period, but when the person realizes himself and engages in an endless struggle for change and development on himself, we can develop most of our features that we complain about and that we call immutable – changeable and in the way we want. Because today, philosophy, psychology, literature, art and other educational facts and systems give us this opportunity. What matters is the effort of the person.

What to do, what are we complaining about, what is the reason for them, can it be changed and controlled? What is under our control and what is not under our control. If we realize these and embark on an endless journey of development, when the time comes, both we and others will notice the change in us. We are never victims. Since no one can subdue us unwillingly, we should make our decisions accordingly and take responsibility for our actions. In order to change ourselves, we need everything, all the power and intelligence; we have the skills, we can learn even if we don't. The internal and external resources we have are more than enough for them. The important thing is to want to get rid of the "I am like this" virus and start dreaming. Once you start dreaming strong enough, actions will follow by themselves. As I always say, “where the interest is, the energy is there…”

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