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No, no, I will not write a political article and as a scientist, it is above politics; rather, it will be a philosophical and psychological journey of thought, and while I am looking for answers to my own thoughts, my aim is to share you on this journey...

I was interested in positive psychology's approaches to understanding people and their minds apart from illness. In particular, the inner image of the person called "self-perception, esteem"; The self-perception is the part that actually manages the person, makes him/her love life, makes it successful and/or makes life dungeon… Studies conducted in this field have shown that “the communication between the person and himself/herself is positive, constructive, peaceful, affectionate; The part that accepts it as it is, tolerates it and embraces even mistakes and mistakes really makes a person both happy and successful in a way and turns him into a person who overcomes difficulties in life.

The reverse is also true; If a person does not accept himself as he is, underestimates his potential, if his inner self-perception is negative, unpleasant, pessimistic, destructive, one gets a terrible, unbearable, painful feeling and turns both his own life and the lives of others into a dungeon. Such people find life unbearable, they fall into emptiness, their joy of living decreases, and they begin to perceive the world and life in a similar way as they are; that is, they perceive everything badly when they look at life through the dirty glass.

In some cases, over-optimists come out and see everything in rosy color. This is an incorrect point of view. Either way, life becomes unbearable. However, thinking more realistically and despite everything, that life has beautiful sides, can bring a person's life into a spring with love for life and the right effort. This is what I call positive realism or optimism. The most important value that a person should learn or teach himself is "self-respect". A person with sufficient self-respect begins to live in a value-oriented manner and works with all his might to become the master of his own life. Maybe not your life, but he works to make his own life meaningful and valuable. How can I be better; How can I better help or make a difference, starting with myself? he thinks. He turns life into a journey and, as the poet says, takes a "long and narrow road". He is happy with that too.

Yes, it is how we perceive ourselves, that is, inside us. Sometimes this perception is damaged by negative and wrong conditioning, it wears out or gets tired, but if a person comes to his senses, he reads, thinks, wonders, and researches, he can transform himself and his destiny into the way he wants again. There are many examples of these people in life and they become our heroes...

We can develop our own inner sense of self in many ways. Our priority is to respect ourselves unconditionally, to believe in our potential, to develop our skills in the area we are curious about, to put love at the center of life and not to take things personally, to love the difficult, to be determined, to respect the rules, to try not to hurt anyone on purpose, to take a good, direct and beautiful attitude, to read, imagine; Visualizing ourselves as the best we can be for at least ten minutes each day can work. Let's finish by saying that whoever provides inner peace also provides outer peace.

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