What is Mindset Change?

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Mentality is how something and a phenomenon is viewed; It is the meaning it carries and/or is given for a person or society. A mentality, sometimes called a point of view, a thought.

Mentality has two basic meanings, Either it offers a lot of options to the person; It broadens, enriches and stretches the perspective of the event or things. Therefore, person events and things; With the meaning it gives to life, it goes to a different dimension and reaches a state called success and happiness.

Sometimes it narrows the perspective of the person, drags him into a dead end, solidifies the person and makes him unsuccessful and unhappy. Since the person will act in line with his point of view on events and things, unfortunately, he can make himself into a dungeon by perceiving unreal things and facts as if they are real. The mind acts according to the reality it perceives. Whatever the perception is at that moment, so is the person's thought. Thought finds its way through emotion and behavior and realizes itself, but the result is written to the person. Because one has become either a master or a slave through his thought.

However, mindset change can be learned. It just requires some correct knowledge, flexibility, development of thinking ability and being able to look at things or things from a different perspective.

A change in mindset is not needed when things are going well, but when things get tough, when things get tough, when there are pains or deadlocks, a change in mentality is used to solve important problems for the person; that is, flexibility, being able to see or create different aspects of events is inevitable.

Mindset change is something that philosophers, scientists, shrewd and solution-oriented people, artists, writers, comedians, politicians, salespeople do, in short, everyone in every profession knowingly or unknowingly. To give an example from ourselves, it manifests itself in many things, big and small, that were a problem before but now seem funny when you think about it, and you say "but I exaggerated"...

When you think "the future looks dark", question yourself. Who does this word actually belong to? Are you repeating your word or someone else's? Then, what do you mean by dark? Ask it. Beginning to describe the darkness. Dark for whom, dark for what? What are the benefits of darkness? Or what is luminosity? What is keeping the future from being bright? Ask it. So, scrutinize your thoughts. How solid, how real? What is your role in being dark or light?

Then choose the concepts that affect you. Success, failure, happiness, unhappiness, wealth, poverty, friendship, friendship, betrayal, love, understanding, marriage, femininity, masculinity, power, weakness, etc. For example, is it just a poor person who has no money? Is a person rich even if he has money, fame or possessions? Maybe he is very poor despite his money and power, who knows...

Start to find the right answers to these questions according to yourself, because we begin to transform into what and how we think. However, everything starts and ends in the head. Don't be too confident in your mind. Just as the mind can make the flea camel, so can the flea camel, but trust your mind. The way to develop the mind is to gain knowledge by reading, observing, trial and error, or wondering about the experiences of others.

Mindset change is not just the property of some private individuals. Learning to think, reaching the right information and using it as it should be; It is the work of people who are against memorization and love to live.

The way to make difficult easy is practice; failing until you succeed is the basis of this teaching. People who are stubborn and determined enough will sooner or later start to be a light to both themselves and others with their flexible, rich and virtuous perspectives.

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Mindset change is needed in life to grow and evolve, a lot of people remain in the same position due to a stagnant mind.

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1 year ago

First of all, thank you for your comment. As you said, people who are stagnant and have no expectations from life live an empty life.

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1 year ago