A call to meet with our authentic selves, following our intuition.

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Most of us now know archetypes: We can call them collective libraries about roles, feelings and life. If we define our life as a journey when we say mother archetype, wise archetype, shadow archetype, meeting each archetype can be read as a new initiation ceremony. Our bond with some archetypes is stronger: we are born with an inclination towards that archetype or the inheritance we inherit from our family and lineage allows us to meet that archetype more strongly. We bury some archetypes at the bottom of our suitcases: sometimes because our family, sometimes because the society wants it that way. To stay safe, to be chosen or not to be abandoned.

I can say that the Wild Woman archetype is one of the most important archetypes that remains at the bottom of the suitcases of women in the modern world, waiting to be remembered and present their gifts. We forgot the existence and meaning of this archetype because society knew it wasn't right for the system for women to stay in touch with their wild nature. We are tamed; We are unable to hear the call of our authentic self. We were ashamed of or ignored our intuitions that flowed from our hearts and tried to connect us with our authentic selves. We glorified logic, moved away from intuition. Now is the time to reconnect and become one with the earth, water, earth and sky. The era of domination is over, power wars are slowly losing their meaning; The period of unity and togetherness begins and it is important to face every part of us that we have been tamed and to pass through this path with compassion, awareness and transformation. Just like a snake that peels off its old skin easily and naturally, surrenders to meet the new and moves by allowing what will be.

Rosita Arvigo, world-renowned healer and founder of the Mayan Womb Massage technique, says of this book: “I've never seen an author put into words the concepts of what it means to be a woman that encompass the deepest spiritual meaning and eternal symbolism. Kent's book is a must read for all students and teachers working in the field of the mysteries of the female body and the energies that define us.” Let me add to this: I think Wild Femininity is a book that should be read by anyone who experiences existence in the female body.

You know the book Women Who Run with the Wolves; This is the book written by Estes. works on women as an initiation ceremony and a healing field through fairy tales. The tales in the book invite many women to break the habit of being themselves, to abandon the roles assigned to them, and to become free from the stories of wounds they carry on their bodies in their psyches. Here, the practices, meditations and contemplation questions in the book Wild Feminine invite the reader to a powerful adventure, just like the tales in the book Women Running with the Wolves.

In the book, she presents a field of study on the female body, the energy flows and balances in the female body, how ancestral wound stories can be transformed, and how women can build their selves according to their own inner realities rather than the limits set by their families, society, or anyone else.

I also have a heartfelt call to the woman reading this article.

This is a call to understand the life-death-life cycle.

This is a call for you to leave the story where you were forced to be kind and gentle, to conform.

This is a call for you to get to know your body and discover its inspiration, joy, and spirit.

This is a call to transform the stories you have inherited from your feminine ancestors.

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