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Our children deserve a world of opportunity and love. We need you.

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11 months ago

Greetings friends, once again I find myself here inviting you to be part of our work, unfortunately not all of us can be calm at home during this time that we are in quarantine for COVID-19, many because they must go out and look for the bread of each day, and others like us who continue to seek help to deliver small markets to families in need.

Your donations allow us to make a difference in the lives of many little ones, of many children, of very low-income families.

Let's do good without looking at who every day, every day, we meet angels who need us, every gesture every word of encouragement, every word of encouragement, every attention we make make a difference especially in these difficult times because the ones we are going through.

Many of our children come from difficult situations, from dysfunctional families with attention deficit, malnutrition, anemia, they lack affection, among many other things, that is why it is important that we do not forget the main and most important thing that is their diet.

With only $ 20 we can make a market for a Venezuelan family so that they have food on their table, it is not long, nor will it last many days but it makes a big difference to not having anything.

Following the protocols we have no problem taking photos with identification

Although you want to help here, you can also do it.


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Written by   10
11 months ago
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Hola como estas.. haga las publicaciones en Ingles y Español ayudara mucho

Para poder patrocinarte y ayudarte necesitaremos que hagas trabajos para nosotros, de hecho para la comunidad de Bitcoin Cash sera el trabajo que hagas

Presenta una idea para promocionar, adoptar, gustar, conocer, aprender de bitcoin cash eso atraera muchos votos

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11 months ago

That was good although but I suggest you stop how this content goes and go up with Better ones that will actually attract the people to learn and know something .. With that the upvotes will come . Remember it is not basically the money we need but it is also a liability

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10 months ago